👟 Two Runs, 🍅 My Tomato + Egg Recipe 🍳, Tuesday Springtime Bliss ☀️

Spring Bliss. Two spontaneous runs, Princeton blooms 🌸, and my post-run-and-walk dinner, Tomato and Egg.

Click below to find out why I ran two times in one day, see pictures of pretty flowers, and get the recipe to my stir-fried garlic bok choy + my “secret” to the sunniest and fluffiest tomato eggs.

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☀️ Nochella, No Problem. “What I Ate Today” + Healthy Chocolate Toast Recipe 🍫

☀️ Sun’s out + fun’s out = Happy Sunday! 🌸 

This is a yoga selfie that I captured (with a timer cam) last year April, when the flowers were still blooming! This year, the flowers bloomed early and have all already fallen off. 😦 That said, this photo depicts my feelings for this day.

Sunday night, lying in bed writing this post, I feel exhausted yet blissful. I think this is what the end of a fun day should feel like. This weekend was filled with activities and sunshine, and for me it’s been a long time since the weekend has actually felt like the weekend. The struggle was real during #thesislife. Weekends were consumed by just hasty workouts followed by spending the rest of the day frantically writing.

Now that I’m living the PTL (post-thesis life), and the weather’s getting amazingly warm, I finally feel like I can enjoy my Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Before I continue on writing, or rather, you continue on reading, I’m giving a heads up that this post is just going to be me rambling about my day with 3 or 4 random healthy recipes scattered here and there.

I just feel like doing a recap of a beautiful Sunday I had, while, more importantly, take y’all through some of my eats, and, at the same time, share the recipes for them. This is going to be my new way of sharing some casual recipes. I realize that I have so many recipes I want to share with y’all, but everything from the recipe itself to the photo of the recipe has to be “perfected” in order for me to feel good about sharing it.

As a result, I get many recipe requests from people that I never get to because “perfecting” a recipe post takes so much time. Being a college student, time is something I never have enough of! 👉🏼 For that reason, I want to start casually doing these more casual blog posts of some casual eats here and there and share some casual recipes. Casual.

Well, today Sunday was a really active day with lots of activities planned. I wear a MisFit activity tracker almost religiously and am a shameless step-tracking dork, and today, I ended up getting in 23K (23,000) steps!

Sunday morning, I went for a run 3.25 miles, followed by”accidentally” walking 5+ miles by wasting half of my day running back and forth across campus (more on that below…), but I normally average around 10-18K steps, so my legs and my entire body are currently so tired as I’m typing this haha.

I think in general most people start off Sunday as “lazy Sunday,” whereas I normally start off the day with a “Sunday run” first thing. But, today I got out of bed later than usual around 9am (as a result of sleeping late due to neighboring pregames… lol… -_-“), so I decided to save my run for later and start the day with breakfast.


On the menu was Sunshine ☀️ with a side of Chocolate Toast: cocoa spread (recipe below), strawberries, banana, almond butter, cacao nibs, all on sprouted wheat. 🍌🍓🍫🍞  Click below for the recipe!


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Embrace the Drench 😅| Sweaty Workouts + Sore Core

💪 Just sharing two of my sweatiest workouts from this past week!

Warm weather 🌞, pretty flowers 🌸, and sweet strawberries 🍓 are all things I love about spring, but one of my favorite things is how sweat just pours out whenever I do a tough workout. Yup, I’m disgusting hahaha. 😅

It’s not that I don’t sweat in winter, but sweat just dries up soon after a workout due to the colder temperatures. Come spring and summer though, a tough workout means being drenched and dripping in sweat. GROSSSS I know hahaha. I love it.

Case in point: this past couple of days in workouts. I got in a workout every day of this week (actually have been working out every single day this month – feeling sort of proud of my self for not slacking off 🙂 haha), but Thursday’s and Friday’s were the best days because of the unusually warm 75+ degree weather.

Thursday’s amazing sweat session was: 20 min strength, 10 min elliptical warm up, 1 hour of lifting (focused on back + booty), 30 min run, 10 min elliptical cool down. Afterwards, my goodness, my shins were sweating. How I miss sweating in the weirdest places hahaha. Thursday’s workout also left my back + backside feeling strong and sore. 🙂

(See below for Thursday’s Strength + Cardio Workout!)

(1) Post-Run vs (2) Post-Cool Down

On Friday, as usual, I worked abs, which I usually just do the workout in my dorm room, even though my dorm isn’t very big because I like doing ab exercises barefoot. I think doing it without sneakers on helps my form and lets me target my abs better. I also keep in my dorm room my own stability ball and ankle weights, which are two of my favorite ab exercise equipment.

👉 Going off a tangent, I’m thinking about writing a blog post some time in the future on how I keep fit in the dorm room. I do go to the gym very often, but I actually do a huge chunk of my workouts in my dorm room because a lot of my workouts are bodyweight-focused, and I enjoy the privacy and ability to workout without having to wear my wireless earbuds that keep falling off (screw you Jaybird…).

👉 I normally go to the gym if I for either lifting, cardio, or both. So… If interested, I can share what I think are the essential workout equipments for keeping fit in college that are both dorm-friendly and storage-friendly. Let me know in the comments below if you want me to share this kind of stuff!

Anyways, I didn’t have much time that Friday morning to workout because I had an afternoon class (I know… Friday classes? boo-hoo), and I’m the kind of person who has to workout before class or else I won’t be able to concentrate.

But, just 30 minutes of ab exercises + jumping around left me like THIS.



It was an amazing and very challenging 35 minute core workout that I did my in TINY dorm. Now, I rarely get sore abs. Sore legs, sore back, sore arms are weekly things that I’m already used to and look forward to as well lol, but sore abs? Want them but barely get them. Maybe I don’t challenge my core enough, but this particular workout made my core so sore that laughing became a workout the next day. 😂

I did this workout right before heading to class (after a shower of course lol & a quick lunch). 💪

Friday’s sweaty sore core workout is below as well!

On Saturday, I felt like doing lots of burpees for some crazy reason. Like who actually craves burpees? Only weirdos (like me).

So… I did a workout similar to the one I shared last week’s Saturday, but I did not do any sprinting at all and did a loooooooot of burpees instead, including this Burpee Pyramid, which I’ll share some time in the future.

Saturday was also a crazy day for me. I woke up later than planned because I stayed up writing a paper, got in a morning workout, cooked up a late healthy lunch / brunch before packing literally to the last minute, hopped on the train to the airport, had to be *that* person who asks everyone if I could skip them in security, and finally got in a second workout by sprinting across the terminals to make it to my flight juuuuust on time. ✈️ 

Literally dead tired now. Anyways, see below for the workouts!

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