Glowing on that 24K magic ✧ Golden hour look

There’s something magical about the glow of a late afternoon.

Golden Hour – Glowing on that 24K Magic ✧

The low light before sunset is my favorite time of day, and it’s also one that lasts the shortest.

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.

Robert Frost

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Speaking of change, it’s a new year, and I’m sharing a new look that I’ve been dawning lately.

New year, different look, same awkward me.

This look is quite minimal, but in its minimalism, the gold accents can shine: subtle gold make up, gold accessories, and a bright golden smile… 😉

I like the simplicity in this because, to me, gold can be overdone. Anything that’s big and gold already makes a statement, so I like wearing this look with a clean white top for a white + gold color scheme, which I think is very chic.

In essence, this is a minimalist look with touches of gold to help you shine and glow. Everything from the clothing to the make up is all very simple to emphasize the glitter and gold. This is a style that I would dawn on to parties and celebrations like New Year’s Eve, weddings, and birthdays.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is in a couple weeks, and I’m already feeling that “24”K magic. 🥂

Gold Choker, Ballerina Bun, Off the shoulder top, golden hour look
light up my world like nobody else ✧

It’s going to be a very special birthday for me this year.

I’m calling it my “Gold Birthday” because (1) I’m turning 24, and I personally am alluding that to 24K gold, (2) my birthday this year is a couple days after Chinese New Year, and (3) this birthday will be my second “Golden Year,” meaning that it’s the zodiac cycle that I was born in: the Year of the Rooster. The gist of it is, 2017 is supposed to bring me lots good fortune and wealth. 🙏

Culturally, Chinese people love good fortune and wealth, and Chinese New Year is basically all about setting yourself up for that. I personally think that the truths within these superstitions is irrelevant. The way I see it, it is like Santa Claus on Christmas. We all know the truth about Santa, but it’s uplifting and fun to have the spirit of belief.

Anyways, I’ve always been drawn to the color gold, and I aesthetically prefer gold over silver. Even more so lately, I have been loving gold because of the New Year, Chinese New Year, and my 24th “Gold” Birthday coming up. For sure, I’ll be wearing this look again soon. For Chinese New Year, I’ll add a pop of Red the symbolize the good fortune and keep the Gold to get the wealth. 😉

Gold Choker, Ballerina Bun, Off the shoulder top, golden hour look
Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger… because I’m not!!! 😉

Get my look below. I explain the details of my minimal gold make up look and also link: the gold choker, cuff earrings (only $3), custom initial bracelet (only $12), my gold make up & nails, the white off-shoulder top, and more. ⤵

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🍁 Little Red Riding Hood and The Small Cute Lion ❤️ Walking in an Autumnal Wonderland 🍂

Click the ‘Read More’ button below to find out where I got this vibrant red parka coat, these comfortable 4-inch heel boots, and other items featured in this outfit! ❤️

Whew! The past few weeks of this December weather has been a whirlwind! Down here in Texas, it literally feels like we experienced all four seasons in less than a month. ❄️🍂🌱🌼 The first few weeks, December felt a lot like early autumn, but it quickly turned into a freezing Winter, and then it started to warm up and felt like Autumn all over again, and finally, starting a couple days ago, it felt like Spring got here before the new year! 🌱

It reached 80*F, and I certainly enjoyed the couple days of warm weather: I went on many outdoor runs and spent a good chunk of the past Christmas weekend outside the house, driving downtown to explore the city, picnicking, dog walks, you name it. 🐾 I am loving this warm winter, but I can’t help but wonder: if it’s already this warm in December, what is the weather going to be like when Spring actually arrives!? ☀️😱

Luckily, the days before 2017 is bringing us cooler weather, and although I normally prefer warm over cold weather, I want it to be cold outside partially because of this one particular red parka coat. I got it as an early Christmas gift this year, meaning it’s brand new, and I barely had the chance to wear it yet. 😭 But maybe with this change of weather I’ll be walking in an Autumnal Wonderland again (versus Winter Wonderland — get it? Well, I tried…) 🍁❄️

When I saw this coat in-stores on the hanger, it was pretty much love at first sight. 😍 It instantly reminded me of my favorite childhood story: “Little Red Riding Hood.” When I was a kid, my dad would tell me that story by heart almost every night before bed. He’d also read me other stories from children books, but when it came to “Little Red Riding Hood,” he told it all from memory, so of course there were some personal touches in his version, which is the version that I grew up knowing. Plus, my dad would tell it all in Chinese, so to this day, I still prefer saying “小红帽,” which translate literally into Little Red Hat, over Little Red Riding Hood.

[easy-image-collage id=7071]

Wearing this red parka not only keeps me comfy and cozy, but it also makes me feel like I’m in a fairytale: Little Red Riding Hood and… *gasp,* what she did to the Big Bad Wolf? 🐺

No, it’s faux fur, of course! ❤

[easy-image-collage id=7072]

I guess I also have my on spin on the story, and the version that I’m living in is more like “Little Red Riding Hood and The Small Cute Lion.” 🦁

I guess I’m still waiting for my Big Bad Wolf to come along. 🐺 😹

Then again, I’ve encountered a number wolves in the past, and it’d always end up something like this:

Losing him was blue like I’d never known
Missing him was dark grey all alone
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met
This scenery reminds me of T-Swift’s song “Red”

See what I did there? 😉 Honestly, though, the moment I saw the fallen pine from the redwoods 🌲, that T-Swift’s song popped immediately into my head. Now it’s stuck there, and I can’t stop playing it.

Maybe I should pass on any more wolves and find myself a Big Good Lion to keep my company alongside Mei Mei, my Small Cute Lion. 🦁

This coat looks great, makes me feel like I’m living a fairytale, but it is also very importantly, so comfortable to wear. In search of the perfect red parka coat, I’ve tried a number of them, and I can’t get over how warm and snug this particular one is. The inside is lined, the stitching is well-done, and the sleeves are cuffed to protect your arms from the cold. Other coats I’ve tried did not have those details, which I think make a huge difference.

This red parka was also one of the more affordable coats I’ve tried, especially considering its high quality. I did find coats that were both more and less expensive, but the cheaper ones were so itchy and did not keep me as warm, and the more expensive ones were seemed overpriced. Better yet, I was able to grab this particular red parka on sale for 60% off its original price of $280. If you want this red parka, you better act quick because they’re running out super fast. Last time I checked in stores, they were sold out, and online, there’s only a few left: click here, here, and here.

I wore this coat with a sweater inside, stretchy jeggings, and 4-inch heel Tommy Hilfiger boots. These boots are so well-made, and although they look uncomfortable, their plush cushioned sole and comfortable ankle support makes it easy to walk in them for hours, and we’re talking about me: the kind of girl who takes off her heels in the middle of a party and ends up leaving barefoot. I’m all about designer heels, but I will not sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to shoes, so if I found a heel that’s fashionable and wearable, you know it has to be comfortable! 😉

More links + the rest of my outfit details below. I did all the research for you into scoring the best deals for the best red parka coat, the best autumn/winter boots, and the best jeggings, so definitely check it out!

[easy-image-collage id=7077]

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❤️ Flannel Pajama Dress to keep Comfy, Cozy, and Chic, all Season Long 🎄

Get comfy, keep cozy, and stay chic all season long with this plaid pajama shirt-dress. It’s made out of 100% cotton flannel, so it’s soft and will keep you warm without the need for a ton of layers. The pajama dress hits just above the knee, which means extra comfort because no pants necessary. 😉 Add a pair of fuzzy holiday-red slippers, fresh homemade cookies, and a hot cuppa in your hands, and you’ll be comfy, cozy, and stylish not just on Christmas morning but all season long. ❤️

🎄Ahhh…! Who’s excited for tomorrow?!

I’m not! 🙅🏻

Not because I’m the mean old grinch 🐲, but because I don’t want the season to be over! 😭 Basically I want it to be Christmas Eve every eve until Spring comes and then we can talk about taking down the holiday decorations… 🙄 Well, I know that I’m leaving the decor up until at least Chinese New Year. 😹🎋

🎄 Speaking of holiday decor, when decorating the tree, do you go with white or rainbow lights? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think a white light Christmas tree is so chic and classy, and it’s especially trendy now. ✨ This year, I was so tempted to go all white lights, but I remembered that this season is all about memories, at least to me. 💭 I grew up with a colorfully litted tree every Christmas, and so I decided to go with the rainbow lights in the end. 🌈 Even if it looks a little bit tacky, it makes me happy! ☺️🎄

Which lights do you prefer? Color or no? Tacky or classy? 😹

Anyways, even though I’m not looking forward to the holidays ending, I am, however, looking forward to opening presents tomorrow! 🎁 For the past years on Christmas morning, I just wear some pajama pant and a random old t-shirt, which I realize looks so sloppy in the Christmas photos, so this year, I’m attempting to not only be comfy, cozy, but also stylish. I think this cute plaid pajama shirt-dress will help me avoid looking like a slob on Christmas morning. 😂 Not only is it chic, it’s also important comfortable and affordable! Click here or down below↓ to find out where I got the pajamas and everything else I’m wearing.

Although I think this flannel shirt-dress pajama is cute, sometimes cute can come off as dorky or tacky, so, to add an edgy flare, I accessorized with a little something that may be a surprise for some of you…

I got my cartilage pierced? Nope! 😉 It’s a cuff earring!

Ever since I was a teenager, I had always wanted to get my cartilage pierced, but my mom was totally against it. She told me that I’d regret it when I’m an adult. Well, now I am an adult, but I’ve become too chicken to get my cartilage pierced because maybe I’ll regret when I’m even older! 😹 Luckily, I discovered cuff earrings. I love them because they’re such an easy way to accessorize your ears without the pain and possible regret of getting your cartilage pierced. It adds an edgy “cool girl” touch to any outfit. Like I said, this flannel pajama can come off as dorky, so the ear cuff balances it out. ✨ Link to where I got this cute gold ear cuff is here or down below! It comes with a set of 3 for under $4!

[easy-image-collage id=7016]

This shirt-dress is made out of 100% cotton flannel, so it’s soft, and it will keep you warm without the need for a ton of extra layers. The pajama shirt is extra long and hits just above the knee, which means extra comfort because no pants necessary! 😉

This is basically me when I don’t have to wear pants.

Accessorize with some casual cool cuff earrings for touch of edginess and an optional velvet Santa hat if you’re feelign festive. Add fuzzy warm holiday-red slippers for warmth and cookies + tea for extra coziness.

Keep on reading for the outfit details & links!

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🍂 Sweater Weather on the First Day of Winter ❄️

Happy Winter Solstice! ❄️

Although today is the official “First Day of Winter,” the sweater weather down here in Texas sure doesn’t feel like it! 🍂

[easy-image-collage id=6941]

Actually, it feels like Autumn just started a few weeks ago, and for the upcoming holiday weekend, weather’s going to be in the mid-70s. So much for a white Christmas, right? ⛄ I’m not even a fan of the cold, but I do wish it’d be colder than “sweater weather” on Christmas Eve.

On the bright side, I’m surprised the leaves down South had even changed color! 🍁 Living up north during my college years has made me somewhat disdain autumn in Texas. Ever since, I’d think: fall in Texas can’t even compare to the autumn beauty up North, but this year is the first time in many that I stayed in Texas for the change of weather, and I guess I’d completely forgotten that leaves down here actually do change color, too. Of course, the foliage here is nowhere as impressive as a northern autumn, but it’s still very nice.

🍁 Jumping for joy because Fall is finally here!… in December. 🍂 Good job, Texas. 😹 #BetterLateThanNever

Point is, I might as well take this autumn weather in December as a way to enjoy the outdoors, and this comfy-n-chic outfit is perfect for an autumn stroll! It features a chunky knit gray sweater, the comfiest black leggings, and cushioned slip-on walking shoes. Last but not last, I top this outfit off with a vibrant (and also comfortable) silk scarf for extra warmth and a pop of color that makes this outfit instantly chic.

[easy-image-collage id=6945]

Speaking of this scarf, it’s my favorite! I adore the pattern, the bright orange color, and how it can easily transform a “blah” outfit to an exciting one that looks even a bit expensive. It is definitely one of my wardrobe staples, and every time I wear it, I get asked by friends and strangers where I bought it. Well, where I bought the scarf is a simply story: in Shanghai, China, but the story on how I bought the scarf is an interesting one.

I was with some high school friends, and we all somehow found one another in Shanghai of all places, and we were shopping at one of those malls in China known for selling contraband and cheap “luxury” goods. It also one of those malls where you’re supposed to haggle for the price. When I saw this silk scarf, I knew that I had to have it because it looks so expensive and luxurious, and I felt like I could get it for a non-expensive price. The shop owner knew I was a foreigner because native Chinese rarely shop at those places, and so she was willing to sell the scarf to me for something around $15-20 USD, which is ridiculous in China, especially at one of those sorts of shop. She was telling me how it was real silk and everything, but you can never really trust those people; I once had a shop owner tell me a belt she was selling was made of real horse hair, and when I told her I don’t wear fur, she said, “OH no, I was joking! It’s actually fake horse hair!” 🙄

Anyways, I was haggling for this scarf so intensely that I got in a heated argument with the store owner. I eventually bluffed and said I didn’t want the scarf, hoping the store owner was of those people who would cave in and sell it to me at the price that I wanted. Nope. She was so stubborn and quite mean! I left that shop, hoping that I’d find the a similar scarf elsewhere in the mall, but I couldn’t find anything like it, so my friends and I went of our way just to find that little shop in the corner again. I told the shop owner, I’ll take the scarf, but before I handed her the cash, I stated in Chinese, “If you want you customers to return, you should be nicer to them. I’m buying this scarf today, but I’m never coming back in the future.” She looked at me stunned, and then we exchanged the goods, and I left. 😂

Not your everyday scarf-buying story, eh? Hahaha. I don’t even remember the exact price I bought this scarf, but it doesn’t matter because I am glad I did! It’s not only my favorite scarf, but it also has quite the back story! Don’t you love having stuff like that?

[easy-image-collage id=6946]

I got the rest of the items I’m wearing in the U.S., so no more interesting stories. 😉 I got the gray knit sweater from Banana Republic a couple years ago, but I think it’s no longer in stock. Good news is, I found a few sweaters that are very similar, ranging from $20-60!! So definitely check those out below. ⤵

I’m also wearing my favorite comfiest black leggings again, which is no surprise because I basically live in either pajama pants, pajama shorts, or leggings. 😂 I said in a previous post how annoying it was for me to find a pair of black leggings that is: comfortable, high-quality, and affordable, but I found them! I love these black leggings because of the soft, stretchy material that is not see-through, and because they have a nice thick waist band that sit comfortably below the waist. You can shop the exact leggings I’m wearing in the photos below! I linked a few because they make different waist lines and such, and you can choose what you personally like best.

Last, my go-to walking shoes! I take these shoes wherever I travel because they are so comfortable to walk in. They may not be the prettiest shoe ever made, but I think they are pretty stylish for a walking shoe. If I’m just doing some simple strolling and nothing that requires me to run or jump, I’d rather wear these over my bulky sneakers.


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You can also view the stuff here.

Check them out, and I hope you find these links helpful! 🙂

Thanks for reading! And Happy Holidays!

♡, vt

🌲 My Comfy Classic Jean Jacket Look and The Best Part of Black Friday 🎄

…plus the most comfortable pair of black leggings! Not to mention super affordable too! (And yes, when it comes to the ‘Are leggings pants?’ debate, you can guess which camp I’m in. 😉 #LeggingsArePantsToo)

November 26, 2016 Christmas Tree Picking on Black Friday with Mei Mei the Pomeranian

This blog post recaps Black Friday, which was nearly a month ago, but, as I always say, better late than never!

I’m also trying something a little different in this post and will be sharing a couple outfit details today! I’m so excited to do this because I’ve been wanting to blog more about my personal fashion style for some time now. Of course, I will never stop blogging about the typical fitness and sharing my healthy recipes, and fashion will likely never become the main focus on my blog because: (1) I don’t consider myself to be a major fashionista — I’d rather stay home and watch The Office than watch some runway show, (2) I always prefer comfort over style, and (3) fitness and food is and will always be more first and foremost love over fashion!

With that said, my approach to quote-on-quote “fashion” is all about comfort, style, and affordability; I’m all about looking somewhat expensive with quality clothing that were bought for an affordable price. Since I spend time searching for the best deals out there, I thought I might as well just share what I find on my blog to perhaps help some girls out! Plus, I think it’d just be fun to share my outfits here and there! 🙂 👗 And so, this blog post features some “beta” outfits, and by that I mean, nothing fancy or complicated, just testing this sort of post out with some straightforward clothing.

Some of my favorite items that I’m sharing today are my favorite pair of what I think is the most comfortable black leggings (that are also super affordable), and my go-to classic denim jacket that makes any comfy outfit instantly chic.

More outfit details can be found in the jump below!

Black Friday, Part 1: The Non-Conventional and Fun Way to do Black Friday

Typical Black Friday shopping means getting out of bed super early (or, in some cases, skipping the pumpkin pie 🍮 on Thanksgiving to drive to the outlet mall and shop until 3AM — crazy, but I know people who actually did this! 😱) to score the best deals in fashion, electronics… basically anything besides Christmas trees. 🌲

On the contrary, my Black Friday looked more like this: slept in from eating all that turkey & yams the night before, and spent my morning doing yoga to detox from the Thanksgiving feast and stretch out my super sore muscles. I did a crazy intense full-body workout on Thanksgiving day, and I could barely feel my legs that morning!

[easy-image-collage id=6892]

(Notice in the photo on the right: that Mei Mei and I were both doing down dog at the same time! Totally unplanned, and I’ve always wanted a photo like that with her! 🐶 #PartnerYoga)

After yoga, I finally headed out to do some Black Friday shopping, and by that, I mean, heading to Lowes with my dad to pick out this year’s Christmas tree! 🌲 I mean, who goes shopping on Black Friday to shop for Christmas trees and holiday wreaths? This girl and her papa, right here, that’s who. 🙋

When it comes to the ‘Are leggings pants?’ debate, you can guess which camp I’m in. 😉 #LeggingsArePantsToo

Because Lowes is dog-friendly, I of course had to bring along Mei Mei to help us select the finest-smelling tree! We like our Christmas tree smelling extra piney. 🌲

November 26, 2016 Christmas Tree Picking on Black Friday with Mei Mei the Pomeranian

And because there’s a Pet Smart in the same shopping park, we first stopped by that store. Yup, dog food + Christmas tree shopping: totally the sort of exciting, deal-breaking shopping you’d typically do on Black Friday. 😂 At least there were no lines! 😉

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Beyond its petals ✽ Flower like Jasmine

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.” – Beverley Nichols

jasmine flower asian girl lace bralette vivian
Oh, sweet jasmine

Fall is in its early swing, and the jasmines are in their final bloom.

jasmine flower
Flowers for breakfast

[easy-image-collage id=6380]

Jasmines are an unassuming type. Unlike most flowers, the true beauty of the jasmine lies not in extravagant shapes or petal patterns but in its smell. Said simply, the jasmine is a small and white flower, but what it lacks in color and guise is made up for in its smell: delicate, sweet, and a hint of the tropics, the aroma of jasmine is intoxicatingly delicious.

It is a challenge for me to transcribe the fragrance of the jasmine into words, but what I can say is: its aroma is as calming as it is enlivening. It is as pure as it is mysterious. Its smell takes me to simpler times, when I’d prance around wearing a pink sundress in the backyard of the house I grew up in, smelling the jasmines blooming all through spring, summer, and early autumn.

[easy-image-collage id=6422]

Not only does the smell of jasmine send me back in time, but it also sends me to places — not a particular X, Y dot on the map, but just some place where coconuts grow, and tropical winds blow. A slight whiff of jasmine draws out so many different sensations, further awakening other sensory modes. When I smell jasmine, I find myself pairing the smell not only with others scents but even tastes, such as the sensations of slicing open a fresh, juicy, and perfectly-ripen mango; and sinking my teeth into its flesh: oh-so sticky, tender, and sweet.

mango jasmine flower lace bralette
And then a mango 😉
mango jasmine flower lace bralette
mango jasmine flower lace bralette
The juiciest mango tuned to the smell of the softest jasmine. Oh sweet, sweet nectar.

It’s funny to think how a delicate thing such as the jasmine flower can evoke so many feelings, some contradictory even, of purity, grace, and nostalgia. Its fragrance can even awaken other sensory modes of taste, sight, and perhaps touch. After all, the most attractive trait of the jasmine flower is in its smell, and smell, the sense most correlated with memories and emotions, is not a sensation to be taken for granted.

[easy-image-collage id=6381]

jasmine flower asian girl lace bralette

Perhaps the jasmine is an innuendo to how some times in life, the best things aren’t the most beautiful or the most grand. Life’s treasures can be — and often are — found in simple things, and to find these tiny hidden treasures, all it takes is stopping to smell the jasmine flowers. 

Mango Jasmine cake flower turmeric healthy fit asian girl

[easy-image-collage id=6390]

Entire outfit from Victoria's Secret
My Mei Mei, my pink pineapple pants, and my never-ending summer.

jasmine flower asian girl lace bralette vivian

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Sweet little bitter melon 🌞

Found the cutest little thing in the garden the other day! A tiny orange bittermelon. 🌞 This little melon may taste bitter, but it will make you feel very sweet! It is a powerhouse of awesome nutrients. Read on to learn about the health & beauty benefits of the most underrated superfood!

Bittermelon happy
Happy to find this bitter melon!

Bittermelon sounds like it’d be ugly-looking, but I personally think it is one of the most gorgeous fruits, and yes, it technically is a fruit because they have seeds in them!

Unlike most fruits, however, bittermelon does not taste sweet and, as its name suggest, it is quite bitter. Despite that, bittermelon is a little powerhouse of sweet nutrients. According to Chinese medicine, it helps to control blood sugar by increasing the metabolism of glucose, thereby making it great for those with diabetes and other sugar sensitivities. I personally have a quite a large number of relatives with Type II diabetes, and they regularly eat this melon to help them control their symptoms.

Still a Bittermelon
Hello, who’s this?

You used to call me on my squash phone…

When the fckboi calls. Nope, I'm still one bitter melon. ;)
When you get an unwanted caller… Bitter melon.

The only catch is that for first timers, bittermelon will taste incredibly bitter. I remember when I was a kid and tried bittermelon for the first time, I hated it! After all, kids love their sugar. But when I tried it again as an adult for the first time a few years ago, to my surprise, I’ve developed a taste for it!

Bittermelon season lasts all summer and then some: starting from early spring all the way to late fall. A few years ago, my family started growing bittermelon in our own garden, and ever since, I’ve been eating bittermelon the moment spring comes. The nice thing about homegrown bittermelon is that it is not as bitter as store bought because we let the squash ripen on the vine, helping the fruit develop a mild & slight sweet flavor.

bittermelon mini orange healthy home grown garden

As I said, bittermelon is great for those with Type II diabetes, but if you are like me and do not have problems with sugar, bittermelon is still a great addition to your diet!

In general, bittermelon is known for its natural detoxification properties, which applies to: detoxifying the skin for the acne-free glow, the colon and liver for health digestion, weight loss, and even more (read below for a full list). Of course, you have to eat bittermelon regularly to see its benefits, but let me just say, after a few years of consuming bittermelon every spring, summer, and fall, I truly believe in this superfood!

I always feel so amazing after eating some bittermelon, as ironic as its name may sound. It really is the most underrated superfood out there! ✨ 

A bitter and a sweet melon

Point is, eating bittermelon will not turn you into one bitter melon! 😉 If anything, bittermelon makes you even sweeter, and I mean that figuratively because bittermelon actually reduces blood sugar, haha.

Anyways, read on for a full list of the health & beauty benefits of eating bittermelon that I have personally experienced (including ✨ summer glowy skin ✨) and to find out how I eat and reap the benefits of bittermelon!

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