❤️ Flannel Pajama Dress to keep Comfy, Cozy, and Chic, all Season Long 🎄

Get comfy, keep cozy, and stay chic all season long with this plaid pajama shirt-dress. It’s made out of 100% cotton flannel, so it’s soft and will keep you warm without the need for a ton of layers. The pajama dress hits just above the knee, which means extra comfort because no pants necessary. 😉 Add a pair of fuzzy holiday-red slippers, fresh homemade cookies, and a hot cuppa in your hands, and you’ll be comfy, cozy, and stylish not just on Christmas morning but all season long. ❤️

🎄Ahhh…! Who’s excited for tomorrow?!

I’m not! 🙅🏻

Not because I’m the mean old grinch 🐲, but because I don’t want the season to be over! 😭 Basically I want it to be Christmas Eve every eve until Spring comes and then we can talk about taking down the holiday decorations… 🙄 Well, I know that I’m leaving the decor up until at least Chinese New Year. 😹🎋

🎄 Speaking of holiday decor, when decorating the tree, do you go with white or rainbow lights? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think a white light Christmas tree is so chic and classy, and it’s especially trendy now. ✨ This year, I was so tempted to go all white lights, but I remembered that this season is all about memories, at least to me. 💭 I grew up with a colorfully litted tree every Christmas, and so I decided to go with the rainbow lights in the end. 🌈 Even if it looks a little bit tacky, it makes me happy! ☺️🎄

Which lights do you prefer? Color or no? Tacky or classy? 😹

Anyways, even though I’m not looking forward to the holidays ending, I am, however, looking forward to opening presents tomorrow! 🎁 For the past years on Christmas morning, I just wear some pajama pant and a random old t-shirt, which I realize looks so sloppy in the Christmas photos, so this year, I’m attempting to not only be comfy, cozy, but also stylish. I think this cute plaid pajama shirt-dress will help me avoid looking like a slob on Christmas morning. 😂 Not only is it chic, it’s also important comfortable and affordable! Click here or down below↓ to find out where I got the pajamas and everything else I’m wearing.

Although I think this flannel shirt-dress pajama is cute, sometimes cute can come off as dorky or tacky, so, to add an edgy flare, I accessorized with a little something that may be a surprise for some of you…

I got my cartilage pierced? Nope! 😉 It’s a cuff earring!

Ever since I was a teenager, I had always wanted to get my cartilage pierced, but my mom was totally against it. She told me that I’d regret it when I’m an adult. Well, now I am an adult, but I’ve become too chicken to get my cartilage pierced because maybe I’ll regret when I’m even older! 😹 Luckily, I discovered cuff earrings. I love them because they’re such an easy way to accessorize your ears without the pain and possible regret of getting your cartilage pierced. It adds an edgy “cool girl” touch to any outfit. Like I said, this flannel pajama can come off as dorky, so the ear cuff balances it out. ✨ Link to where I got this cute gold ear cuff is here or down below! It comes with a set of 3 for under $4!

[easy-image-collage id=7016]

This shirt-dress is made out of 100% cotton flannel, so it’s soft, and it will keep you warm without the need for a ton of extra layers. The pajama shirt is extra long and hits just above the knee, which means extra comfort because no pants necessary! 😉

This is basically me when I don’t have to wear pants.

Accessorize with some casual cool cuff earrings for touch of edginess and an optional velvet Santa hat if you’re feelign festive. Add fuzzy warm holiday-red slippers for warmth and cookies + tea for extra coziness.

Keep on reading for the outfit details & links!

The cookies + hot cuppa tea are also not optional! ☕🍪 They’re a must for this season!

Okay, what I mean is, variations of cookies + tea are fine too: cookies + almond milk, marshmallows + hot chocolate, etc…, but, for me I’m sticking to cookies + only tea — staying away from the sugary caffeinated drinks this Christmas because of what happened to me during my “hot chocolate mocha” incident… Those on my snapchat (@vivalatang) saw the cray-cray that went down when I mixed hot chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream, and coffee together… 🙈

That morning, I brewed some coffee that was way too strong, and I must have accidentally drank 4 shots worth of espresso. Mix that extra strong coffee with chocolate, a bunch of sugar, and cookies? 🍪🍫☕ I basically went bouncing off the walls crazy! 😳 I rarely drink sugary drinks, and if I’m having coffee, I don’t have it with whipped cream or high-sugar stuff. Basically, I’m not one of those basic bitches whose bodies can handle the sugar and caffeine loaded in a Starbuck cup. 😹 (I kid, I kid!)

Anyways, maybe I’ll share that video of me going crazy in another blog post when I have time, or I feel like laughing at myself (aka putting up myself for embarrassment), which I do every single day anyways…

Point is, I’m taking a break from sugar + highly caffeinated drinks and sticking to decaf or low-caf tea these couple of mornings.

Also, what I’m currently enjoying aren’t technically cookies and are scones! But, in my opinion, scones are basically crumbly dense cookies because they’re made with lots of fat + flour and have added goodies inside.

Every year when I give away Christmas presents, I add a homemade touch with my holiday cookies, and this year, I got a little creative and made a “naughty or nice” version.

These are *cranberry nut scones* made with a little bit of nice and naughty: whole wheat, oat, flax, and real butter because it’s the holidays! 🎅🏼 That said, after taste testing, I actually still prefer the taste of coconut oil over butter, but it’s delicious either way. 😹 Anyways, the “naughty” scones are our famous charcoal scones; the same thing as the “nice” scones but with added activates char”coal” powder to them!

Doesn’t the scone on the left truly look like an albeit delicious-looking lump of coal? 🌑 At least I think so, or, more like know so because, I’ve tried them and they are delicious despite being so scary-looking! (There were a big hit during this year’s Halloween as well!)

So what did the cookies decide? Naughty or nice? 😉🎅🏼

I got Nice! ⭐️ I have been an awful good girl this year, anyways, so… hehe. 😉

Santa Baby… 🎅

Also recommended to finalize this look: a soft and cozy throw blanket. I’m currently obsessed with these Pom Pom Throw Blankets that I got here (also linked below).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🎄🌟❤️

♡, vt

Outfit Links & Notes

  • I love wearing my fuzzy red slippers this time of the year! They are so plush and keep my feet warm all season long. That said, I got them ages ago and couldn’t find the exact ones I’m wearing, but I found so many similar ones that are super affordable too! In the photos below, they’re in different colors, but all of them also come in holiday red, which I recommend — it is the holidays after all!

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21 thoughts on “❤️ Flannel Pajama Dress to keep Comfy, Cozy, and Chic, all Season Long 🎄”

  1. I love this flannel dress! I’m usually in sweats and a tee opening gifts so this is definitely a super cute alternative! P.S. Your Christmas Cookies look delicious! I hope you had a great holiday!


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