🍂 Sweater Weather on the First Day of Winter ❄️

Happy Winter Solstice! ❄️

Although today is the official “First Day of Winter,” the sweater weather down here in Texas sure doesn’t feel like it! 🍂

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Actually, it feels like Autumn just started a few weeks ago, and for the upcoming holiday weekend, weather’s going to be in the mid-70s. So much for a white Christmas, right? ⛄ I’m not even a fan of the cold, but I do wish it’d be colder than “sweater weather” on Christmas Eve.

On the bright side, I’m surprised the leaves down South had even changed color! 🍁 Living up north during my college years has made me somewhat disdain autumn in Texas. Ever since, I’d think: fall in Texas can’t even compare to the autumn beauty up North, but this year is the first time in many that I stayed in Texas for the change of weather, and I guess I’d completely forgotten that leaves down here actually do change color, too. Of course, the foliage here is nowhere as impressive as a northern autumn, but it’s still very nice.

🍁 Jumping for joy because Fall is finally here!… in December. 🍂 Good job, Texas. 😹 #BetterLateThanNever

Point is, I might as well take this autumn weather in December as a way to enjoy the outdoors, and this comfy-n-chic outfit is perfect for an autumn stroll! It features a chunky knit gray sweater, the comfiest black leggings, and cushioned slip-on walking shoes. Last but not last, I top this outfit off with a vibrant (and also comfortable) silk scarf for extra warmth and a pop of color that makes this outfit instantly chic.

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Speaking of this scarf, it’s my favorite! I adore the pattern, the bright orange color, and how it can easily transform a “blah” outfit to an exciting one that looks even a bit expensive. It is definitely one of my wardrobe staples, and every time I wear it, I get asked by friends and strangers where I bought it. Well, where I bought the scarf is a simply story: in Shanghai, China, but the story on how I bought the scarf is an interesting one.

I was with some high school friends, and we all somehow found one another in Shanghai of all places, and we were shopping at one of those malls in China known for selling contraband and cheap “luxury” goods. It also one of those malls where you’re supposed to haggle for the price. When I saw this silk scarf, I knew that I had to have it because it looks so expensive and luxurious, and I felt like I could get it for a non-expensive price. The shop owner knew I was a foreigner because native Chinese rarely shop at those places, and so she was willing to sell the scarf to me for something around $15-20 USD, which is ridiculous in China, especially at one of those sorts of shop. She was telling me how it was real silk and everything, but you can never really trust those people; I once had a shop owner tell me a belt she was selling was made of real horse hair, and when I told her I don’t wear fur, she said, “OH no, I was joking! It’s actually fake horse hair!” 🙄

Anyways, I was haggling for this scarf so intensely that I got in a heated argument with the store owner. I eventually bluffed and said I didn’t want the scarf, hoping the store owner was of those people who would cave in and sell it to me at the price that I wanted. Nope. She was so stubborn and quite mean! I left that shop, hoping that I’d find the a similar scarf elsewhere in the mall, but I couldn’t find anything like it, so my friends and I went of our way just to find that little shop in the corner again. I told the shop owner, I’ll take the scarf, but before I handed her the cash, I stated in Chinese, “If you want you customers to return, you should be nicer to them. I’m buying this scarf today, but I’m never coming back in the future.” She looked at me stunned, and then we exchanged the goods, and I left. 😂

Not your everyday scarf-buying story, eh? Hahaha. I don’t even remember the exact price I bought this scarf, but it doesn’t matter because I am glad I did! It’s not only my favorite scarf, but it also has quite the back story! Don’t you love having stuff like that?

[easy-image-collage id=6946]

I got the rest of the items I’m wearing in the U.S., so no more interesting stories. 😉 I got the gray knit sweater from Banana Republic a couple years ago, but I think it’s no longer in stock. Good news is, I found a few sweaters that are very similar, ranging from $20-60!! So definitely check those out below. ⤵

I’m also wearing my favorite comfiest black leggings again, which is no surprise because I basically live in either pajama pants, pajama shorts, or leggings. 😂 I said in a previous post how annoying it was for me to find a pair of black leggings that is: comfortable, high-quality, and affordable, but I found them! I love these black leggings because of the soft, stretchy material that is not see-through, and because they have a nice thick waist band that sit comfortably below the waist. You can shop the exact leggings I’m wearing in the photos below! I linked a few because they make different waist lines and such, and you can choose what you personally like best.

Last, my go-to walking shoes! I take these shoes wherever I travel because they are so comfortable to walk in. They may not be the prettiest shoe ever made, but I think they are pretty stylish for a walking shoe. If I’m just doing some simple strolling and nothing that requires me to run or jump, I’d rather wear these over my bulky sneakers.


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You can also view the stuff here.

Check them out, and I hope you find these links helpful! 🙂

Thanks for reading! And Happy Holidays!

♡, vt


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