🌲 My Comfy Classic Jean Jacket Look and The Best Part of Black Friday 🎄

…plus the most comfortable pair of black leggings! Not to mention super affordable too! (And yes, when it comes to the ‘Are leggings pants?’ debate, you can guess which camp I’m in. 😉 #LeggingsArePantsToo)

November 26, 2016 Christmas Tree Picking on Black Friday with Mei Mei the Pomeranian

This blog post recaps Black Friday, which was nearly a month ago, but, as I always say, better late than never!

I’m also trying something a little different in this post and will be sharing a couple outfit details today! I’m so excited to do this because I’ve been wanting to blog more about my personal fashion style for some time now. Of course, I will never stop blogging about the typical fitness and sharing my healthy recipes, and fashion will likely never become the main focus on my blog because: (1) I don’t consider myself to be a major fashionista — I’d rather stay home and watch The Office than watch some runway show, (2) I always prefer comfort over style, and (3) fitness and food is and will always be more first and foremost love over fashion!

With that said, my approach to quote-on-quote “fashion” is all about comfort, style, and affordability; I’m all about looking somewhat expensive with quality clothing that were bought for an affordable price. Since I spend time searching for the best deals out there, I thought I might as well just share what I find on my blog to perhaps help some girls out! Plus, I think it’d just be fun to share my outfits here and there! 🙂 👗 And so, this blog post features some “beta” outfits, and by that I mean, nothing fancy or complicated, just testing this sort of post out with some straightforward clothing.

Some of my favorite items that I’m sharing today are my favorite pair of what I think is the most comfortable black leggings (that are also super affordable), and my go-to classic denim jacket that makes any comfy outfit instantly chic.

More outfit details can be found in the jump below!

Black Friday, Part 1: The Non-Conventional and Fun Way to do Black Friday

Typical Black Friday shopping means getting out of bed super early (or, in some cases, skipping the pumpkin pie 🍮 on Thanksgiving to drive to the outlet mall and shop until 3AM — crazy, but I know people who actually did this! 😱) to score the best deals in fashion, electronics… basically anything besides Christmas trees. 🌲

On the contrary, my Black Friday looked more like this: slept in from eating all that turkey & yams the night before, and spent my morning doing yoga to detox from the Thanksgiving feast and stretch out my super sore muscles. I did a crazy intense full-body workout on Thanksgiving day, and I could barely feel my legs that morning!

[easy-image-collage id=6892]

(Notice in the photo on the right: that Mei Mei and I were both doing down dog at the same time! Totally unplanned, and I’ve always wanted a photo like that with her! 🐶 #PartnerYoga)

After yoga, I finally headed out to do some Black Friday shopping, and by that, I mean, heading to Lowes with my dad to pick out this year’s Christmas tree! 🌲 I mean, who goes shopping on Black Friday to shop for Christmas trees and holiday wreaths? This girl and her papa, right here, that’s who. 🙋

When it comes to the ‘Are leggings pants?’ debate, you can guess which camp I’m in. 😉 #LeggingsArePantsToo

Because Lowes is dog-friendly, I of course had to bring along Mei Mei to help us select the finest-smelling tree! We like our Christmas tree smelling extra piney. 🌲

November 26, 2016 Christmas Tree Picking on Black Friday with Mei Mei the Pomeranian

And because there’s a Pet Smart in the same shopping park, we first stopped by that store. Yup, dog food + Christmas tree shopping: totally the sort of exciting, deal-breaking shopping you’d typically do on Black Friday. 😂 At least there were no lines! 😉

Wherever I bring Mei Mei, there’s bound to always be people stopping by to ask if they could touch or hold her, and I certainly don’t mind. I love showing the world what a sweet, cute, and beautiful dog Mei Mei is. I mean, why else do you think I made her an Instagram @PomPomMeiMei?! 🦁

While Christmas tree shopping: two little girls come up to pet Mei Mei

And I know Mei Mei certainly enjoys basking in the all the love and attention…

Even though we didn’t score any big deals on the Christmas tree and dog supplies, I still prefer that kind of shopping over the typical, deal-scoring, line-waiting, stressful experience that is Black Friday. Plus, it was a whole lot of fun, especially with my little fur baby helping out!

[easy-image-collage id=6899]

Shop my “Simple & Chic Christmas Tree Shopping” look below!

This is what I call my “Comfy Classic Jean Jacket Look.” This look is all about comfort and style; it features the most comfortable high-waisted black leggings, comfy walking shoes, and a classic denim jacket. In my book, adding a denim jacket to any comfy outfit will instantly make it chic & stylish!

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  • I absolutely adore my denim jacket from J. Crew! I believe I got mine from J. Crew Factory, but it looks exactly like the more expensive version sold in regular J. Crew stores. I got my particular J. Crew denim jacket on sale at an outlet mall, and I believe I paid only $40 for it!
  • I love my Skechers walking shoes because they are so comfortable, and, I think, quite stylish! They are so easy to throw on with any casual outfit. I got my Skechers shoes from Costco and paid only $15 for it!
  • I don’t know about y’all, but I spent the longest time searching for the Perfect Black Legging. Move over LBD (little black dress) because I think the new closet essential is Little Black Legging (LBL)! That said, I think I finally found my favorite pair of black leggings: they’re stylish, affordable, and just oh-so-comfortable! They sit just below the waist, are so stretchy, and, best of all, are not at all see-through like some other black leggings (that are also rudely overpriced).

Black Friday, Part 2: The Conventional and Dreadful Black Friday

Like every year, I was planning on skipping Black Friday shopping this year as well and just stick to my preferred Cyber Monday shopping. I always find that Black Friday is a really messy way to shop, with the crowds and long lines, and I always find the best deals online anyways. However, a couple friends were heading downtown for Black Friday, and they asked me to tag along, and so I thought I’d give Black Friday a chance this year.

So after Christmas tree shopping with my dad and dog, my friends and I carpooled with my friends to the Galleria for “real” Black Friday shopping. The traffic on the road to downtown was not great but not that bad either. After all, by the time we were heading downtown, most people had already finished shopping. Anyways, we finally found a parking spot, and when we stepped into the mall, first thing I noticed were the crowds of people. Gah! 😖 Then I looked around and saw all the long lines. Blech! 😩

A few hours into shopping, my friends were able to score great deals, but me? I couldn’t find anything! On Black Friday! Normally when I shop, I can find at least 1 or 2 things I like, but I think I was just too tired, hungry, and overwhelmed by the crowds and overall messiness. When I shop, I like to know that I’m finding the best deals out there: both in quality and in price, and to find that sort of deal, I need organization when I make shopping decisions. I like to do my research before doing any sort of shopping, and if I’m going to go to the mall, I need an exact item to look for. Yes, I’m a product of the Internet age, but what I’m saying is, I don’t really like browsing. Hence the reason why I prefer Cyber Monday shopping. Online, you can easily jump from site to site, comparing prices and styles. (And returns are easy nowadays too.)

It’s also my fault that I couldn’t find anything because I should have done research online before shopping in stores on Black Friday. My friends had an idea on what they wanted to buy, and I just went to the Galleria clueless! Therefore, I couldn’t find anything and lost interest in trying.

I ended up waiting for my friends to finish, and while they were shopping, I just walked around the mall, getting in my steps. I ended up walking for hours, marching over 20K steps around the mall! 👟 My friends eventually shopped until all the stores were closing, around 9:30pm, and they were able to score some really cute things, but I left with absolutely nothing.

Well, I did leave with some non-tangible things like: (1) a reminder that I absolutely hate shopping on Black Friday, (2) this digital photo of me that I’d asked a random sweet little girl to take, and (3) super tired legs from all that walking!

Like I mentioned before the jump, I did a full-body workout the day before on Thanksgiving day, and so entire body were extremely stiff and sore, especially my leg muscles. It even hurt to walk up and down the stairs, and those who know me knows that when I use the stairs, I take two at a time! 😹

Basically, I spent the second half of Black Friday marching around the mall like one of those Asian dads waiting for their wives to finish shopping. I certainly encountered a number of those and could finally relate. Now I know how my dad feels when my mom and I drag him out to shop with us. 👵🏼

It was nice to see the Christmas decor at least. 😬

Long story short, I spent this year’s Black Friday doing morning yoga, Christmas tree hunting, and then shopping for 12 hours from noon ’til midnight, and the only things I bought on Black Friday were a Christmas tree 🌲, a wreath, and some dog food. 😹 Anyways, we ended up leaving the Galleria around 10pm, and we hadn’t even eaten dinner yet! Let’s just say…. I was in a pretty bad mood by that time because (1) I spent the entire day shopping and didn’t get a single thing on Black Friday, of all days, (2) I felt like I wasted the entire day, and those who know me knows that I’m a workaholic, and (3) I was SO HANGRY. And you do not want to be near this girl when she doesn’t have any food in her, hahaha.

We ended up going to a restaurant in downtown. I forgot the name of the restaurant, which is a good thing for them because, well, just keep on reading to find out why…. Anyways, by the time we go to the restaurant, I was so hungry and stressed to the point that I couldn’t even feel my hunger anymore and had no appetite. I just wanted to be in bed. 😭 That said, when our food finaaaaally arrived, my eyes lit up, and I was suddenly hungry again.

Here’s what we got. Can you guess which plate is mine? 😉

Being the health nut, mine’s the bottom plate, of course! I ordered a vegetable plate and added chicken breast on top, thinking that I would have just a light dinner since it was so late at night, but when my plate came, I was happily surprised by how huge the portions were! 😀

Okay, I’ll add eating this ^ huge plate of food and Christmas tree shopping to the best parts of Black Friday 2016. Note that no actual “Black Friday shopping” is included in the list, hahaha.

The vegetable plate was pretty pricey: $16, if I remember correctly, + $3 for the chicken breast I added to it, so they had better give me the bang for my buck. 😉 To be honest, though, I think the veggie plate might have been meant for a table to share, but I was so hungry by that time that I finished majority of the plate all myself. 🍴 Okay, I shared a little and even took a to-go box to bring back some of the leftover chicken and veggies back for my one and only Mei Mei!

By the time we finished dinner, and my friends dropped me off, I arrived home past midnight…! 🌙

As soon as I got home, I was dead tired. Boy, did I shop until I dropped! I plopped on the couch, and Mei Mei hopped on besides me. The Christmas tree was propped up behind me, and although the tree was not decorated at the time yet, our humble little tree had a loud presence in this house: its piney smell lingered in the air. I caught a wift and felt overwhelmingly exhausted. I took a deep breath in. I had a headache. As I exhaled, all I could think of was, “Ahhhh… Fuck me if I ever go shopping on Black Friday again.”

Black Friday, Part 3: Satirical Therapy via Consumerism and Cyber Monday

The next morning, I woke up feeling like someone had punched me in the stomach and felt so nauseous. 🤢 I initially assumed that I was just still so exhausted from shopping for 12 hours and getting home so late, but then I later realized that I might have been food poisoned, and it was most likely from that restaurant from the preivous night; hence why I said earlier it’s probably a good thing that I forgot the restaurant’s name…

I ended up spending the entire rest of Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend lying on the couch because I felt so sick and could barely stomach anything. Whatever I ate, I wanted to through it back up. 😷 So what’s a girl supposed to do when she’s sick in bed, half-delirious and too mentally and physically tired to make rational choices, with her laptop in front of her, while there’s all these deals on the Internet, and plus she didn’t buy a single thing for herself on Black Friday???? Well, she’s obviously going to buy a shitton of stuff…!

And, so yeah, I ended up making up for getting nothing on Black Friday… but in the most tortuous way: getting food poisoned, being sick in bed, bored, and using online retail as therapy. 😭

It was kind of nice when all my packages arrived, though, hehe.

☝️ And before you go on judging, I ended up returning most of those things anyways!!!

But yeah, there I was on Black Friday, saying that I couldn’t find anything to buy because maybe I’m just not interested in material things, but there I go on Cyber Monday, buying all this stuff. Typical American Consumerism. 🙄😂

(Pink Pineapple Pajamas from Victoria’s Secret)


  1. Do you enjoy shopping on Black Friday?
  2. What did you buy on Black Friday for this year? What about Cyber Monday?
  3. And whose excited about the holidays!!?

Thanks for reading!

♡, vt


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