🔮 The Magical Purple Sweet Potato ✨ & a Chocolate-Peanut Charcoal Sauce

The chocolate peanut charcoal sauce is creamy and smooth, as well as: vegan, low-fat, sugar-free. This is not the time of the year to be afraid, so don’t be intimidated by the appearance of this pitch black sauce! It tastes just like chocolate peanut sauce. Read below for the recipe if you dare!

Magical Purple Yam Halloween Healthy Candy with Charcoal Sauce by VivianTang.co

Summer has some of my most favorite foods: strawberries, blueberries, mangoes… But what summer does not have are great-tasting sweet potatoes. Sure, with greenhouses, most of us can pretty much buy sweet potatoes from the grocers all-year-round, but there’s nothing like an in-season sweet potato. The flavor has more depth and sweetness; the texture is softer and starchier; and it just feels more “right” to eat sweet potato during fall and winter, rather than spring and summer.

Magical Okinawan Purple Yam Sweet Potato by VivianTang.co

With the colder seasons among us — my friends up north even told me that it’s snowing up there! ❄️ — what’s seasonally summer fruits are losing its flavor. For instance, I recently bought a box of organic strawberries 🍓, and it tastes nothing like what it tastes like during spring & summer. So it’s time to enjoy the heartier foods of autumn such as winter squash, pumpkins, persimmons (personal fav! — coming in a blog post soon), apples, pears, and sweet potatoes.

Although it’s still very warm here in Texas, when it does get cold, one of my favorite things to do is bundle up with a hot sweet potato, and I am currently loving how awesome the autumnal sweet potatoes taste right now. 🍠 There’s so many varieties of sweet potatoes, and I pretty much enjoy all kinds, but one of favorites is the okinawan purple “yam.” (Yam is technically the incorrect term to call what is truly a sweet potato, but I’m going to say yam because I’m an American and we do things to wrong way like our metric system, haha, but really it’s just more efficient to incorrectly say yam than sweet potato. Also it’s just very yammy).

Assortment of Asian Yams

The purple yam is far sweeter and starchier than the orange-flesh American yam and the yellow-flesh Asian yam. Plus, I think it just looks way more awesome. I mean, look at it! It’s also very dense, and so I prefer steaming rather than baking it in the oven; baking it would just make the yam even denser, as it dries out all the waters in the yam.

I enjoy eating yams plain and simple, but one of my favorite ways to enjoy a steamed purple yam is drizzling it with nut butter, or in this case, a Peanut-Chocolate flavored Black Charcoal Sauce. 🔮 Very fitting for Halloween if you ask me. 😈

Magical Purple Yam Halloween Healthy Candy with Charcoal Sauce by VivianTang.co

The sauce is pretty much my standard peanut-cocoa sauce (low-fat, vegan, sugar-free) that I make very often for drizzling onto oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt, etc., but since it’s that spooky time of the year, I decided to add a bit of activated charcoal powder to make it a bit scary looking! 👻

In addition to drizzling the sauce onto sweet potato, I also used the Charcoal Sauce to “frost” my Magic Tiger Swirl Bars. This year, I made the Tiger Swirl Bars a little bit differently (adding charcoal powder into the batter), but you can find the basic recipe in my previous post.

Magical Tiger Swirl Bars with Charcoal Sauce by VivianTang.co

Doesn’t the charcoal sauce look amazing in that picture? I’ll admit it, working with activated charcoal is exciting but a bit frightening; I mean, the stuff is pitch black! That said, it is not the time of year to be scared, so don’t be intimidated by the appearance of this black-colored sauce. If you close your eyes, it tastes exactly like chocolate peanut sauce, and to be honest, the charcoal is purely optional for this recipe, but since it is close to Halloween, I thought I would spook it up a bit and share the charcoal version of my chocolate-peanut sauce.

I love to drizzle this sauce on top of yams (as I said), yogurt, and, this Sunday, I’m planning on making some Halloween Pancakes along with this sauce and drizzling the sauce onto pumpkin pancakes for the perfect pre-Halloween Sunday breakfast. 🎃 This sauce would also be great to “trick” your friends and family with a spooky Halloween treat!

Read below for the recipe, but only if you dare! 👻

Magical Chocolate-Peanut Charcoal Sauce
Cuisine: Halloween
Author: Vivian
Serves: 3 tbsp
It’s not the time of year to be scared, so don’t be intimidated by the name and the appearance of this pitch black sauce. It tastes just like chocolate peanut sauce and is vegan, low-fat, sugar-free! This recipe makes 1 serving, about 3 tbsp, so feel free to double or triple up!
  • 1.5 tbsp peanut flour
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s Special Dark)
  • 1 tsp charcoal powder
  • 3-4 tbsp almond milk
  • Purple liquid stevia, 5-6 drops, to taste /or/ maple syrup
  1. Mix peanut flour, cocoa powder, and charcoal powder.
  2. Drizzle in enough almond milk until a shiny viscose sauce forms.
  3. Add in liquid stevia to taste or maple syrup.

And here is an ugly bitten-yam photo haha.

Magical Purple Yam Halloween Healthy Candy with Charcoal Sauce by VivianTang.co

Ugh so good though.

Let me know if you try the recipe!

xx, vt

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