Beyond its petals ✽ Flower like Jasmine

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.” – Beverley Nichols

jasmine flower asian girl lace bralette vivian
Oh, sweet jasmine

Fall is in its early swing, and the jasmines are in their final bloom.

jasmine flower
Flowers for breakfast

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Jasmines are an unassuming type. Unlike most flowers, the true beauty of the jasmine lies not in extravagant shapes or petal patterns but in its smell. Said simply, the jasmine is a small and white flower, but what it lacks in color and guise is made up for in its smell: delicate, sweet, and a hint of the tropics, the aroma of jasmine is intoxicatingly delicious.

It is a challenge for me to transcribe the fragrance of the jasmine into words, but what I can say is: its aroma is as calming as it is enlivening. It is as pure as it is mysterious. Its smell takes me to simpler times, when I’d prance around wearing a pink sundress in the backyard of the house I grew up in, smelling the jasmines blooming all through spring, summer, and early autumn.

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Not only does the smell of jasmine send me back in time, but it also sends me to places — not a particular X, Y dot on the map, but just some place where coconuts grow, and tropical winds blow. A slight whiff of jasmine draws out so many different sensations, further awakening other sensory modes. When I smell jasmine, I find myself pairing the smell not only with others scents but even tastes, such as the sensations of slicing open a fresh, juicy, and perfectly-ripen mango; and sinking my teeth into its flesh: oh-so sticky, tender, and sweet.

mango jasmine flower lace bralette
And then a mango 😉
mango jasmine flower lace bralette
mango jasmine flower lace bralette
The juiciest mango tuned to the smell of the softest jasmine. Oh sweet, sweet nectar.

It’s funny to think how a delicate thing such as the jasmine flower can evoke so many feelings, some contradictory even, of purity, grace, and nostalgia. Its fragrance can even awaken other sensory modes of taste, sight, and perhaps touch. After all, the most attractive trait of the jasmine flower is in its smell, and smell, the sense most correlated with memories and emotions, is not a sensation to be taken for granted.

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jasmine flower asian girl lace bralette

Perhaps the jasmine is an innuendo to how some times in life, the best things aren’t the most beautiful or the most grand. Life’s treasures can be — and often are — found in simple things, and to find these tiny hidden treasures, all it takes is stopping to smell the jasmine flowers. 

Mango Jasmine cake flower turmeric healthy fit asian girl

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Entire outfit from Victoria's Secret
My Mei Mei, my pink pineapple pants, and my never-ending summer.

jasmine flower asian girl lace bralette vivian

Let me know in the comments below whether or not you like these kind of posts (where I post a bunch of pictures and ramble about random stuff), haha. I never considered myself much of a writer beyond the 10th grade, but kind of to my surprise, I’ve been getting comments from friends and fans that they enjoy my writing.

Mango Jasmine cake flower turmeric healthy clean dessert

For those who aren’t interested in these sorts of post, stick around because I will posting the recipe for this Jasmine-inspired Mango Turmeric Cake very soon!

As always, thanks for reading!

xx, vt


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