Yoga Flow: After Rain Sparkles + My Yoga Philosophy

☁️ Last Thursday’s 45 minutes of low-intensity cardio, followed by a cloudy day yoga flow that left me feeling fresh and zen. ✨

This practice includes a lot of core work and balance; I just felt like working on those that day. Watch it to get ideas for your own practice! Even though the video is less than 4 minutes, I actually ended up spending 2 hours on yoga that afternoon! Before you think I’m crazy (haha), I did not do yoga non-stop for two hours, and I think I took a 15 minutes break somewhere in between…, but yes, it was more yoga that day than the usual*.

[easy-image-collage id=6315]

Most of my yoga practice are good, but last Thursday’s practice was especially; everything just went so smoothly. Maybe it was the cloudy weather making me feel more peaceful than usual, or the easy cardio I did beforehand (which was just enough to warm me up, but not intense enough to wear me out before yoga), or just the fact that I was so in the “yoga zone” that day.

love blind x
Yoga high

*(I do an average of anywhere from 20-40 minutes of yoga everyday, usually 60 minutes of yoga every Tues, Wed, Sat, and Sun.)

love blind boat pose2x

Speaking of yoga zone, I know where yoga comes from, but I’m not huge on many of the traditional parts of yoga; the “Ommmmm,” the sharp breathing, and yogic chanting is just not for me. Heck, I’m not even big on meditating (I tried to get into it a couple years back, but it didn’t last long). That being said, I call what I do “yoga” because whenever I turn on music and just flow, I do feel so at peace with myself, and I do feel as if I am actually meditating. Whenever I get in a good flow, I shut the world off, and I don’t think about anything but just inhaling and exhaling. I let my body go and move however it feels.

Peacock Pose. I’ve been doing yoga since middle school, but when i started practicing yoga “religiously” in 2013, never did I think I’d be able to do this pose! I’ve come a long way. 🙂

Maybe what I call yoga isn’t true yoga, but whatever it is, it reminds me that I am a small part of this world, and it makes me feel calm. Those who know me may say that I have a very hyper personality, but whenever I do yoga, I let the zen side of me come out. Also, even though I do not practice very traditional yoga, I still incorporate a lot of yoga into whatever it is that I do, such as: inhaling/exhaling with each move, belly breathing, traditional yoga poses, sun salutations, etc.


I really just see yoga as a way to train my core & flexibility while taking time to just breathe and listen to awesome music. Those are the reasons why I love spending time on the mat. Every yoga flow, no matter how short or long, leaves me feeling even more amazing than before. ✨

Anyways, if you like the video above, please ‘Like’ the video and ‘Subscribe’ to my YouTube channel! My YouTube username is TangyVivian. 🙂

xx, vt

Do you practice yoga, and if so, what’s your yoga style? Traditional, modern, or your own take?

I think my style of yoga stems from my background as a dancer, which is why music is often an integral part of my practice. 🙂

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