Sweet little bitter melon 🌞

Found the cutest little thing in the garden the other day! A tiny orange bittermelon. 🌞 This little melon may taste bitter, but it will make you feel very sweet! It is a powerhouse of awesome nutrients. Read on to learn about the health & beauty benefits of the most underrated superfood!

Bittermelon happy
Happy to find this bitter melon!

Bittermelon sounds like it’d be ugly-looking, but I personally think it is one of the most gorgeous fruits, and yes, it technically is a fruit because they have seeds in them!

Unlike most fruits, however, bittermelon does not taste sweet and, as its name suggest, it is quite bitter. Despite that, bittermelon is a little powerhouse of sweet nutrients. According to Chinese medicine, it helps to control blood sugar by increasing the metabolism of glucose, thereby making it great for those with diabetes and other sugar sensitivities. I personally have a quite a large number of relatives with Type II diabetes, and they regularly eat this melon to help them control their symptoms.

Still a Bittermelon
Hello, who’s this?

You used to call me on my squash phone…

When the fckboi calls. Nope, I'm still one bitter melon. ;)
When you get an unwanted caller… Bitter melon.

The only catch is that for first timers, bittermelon will taste incredibly bitter. I remember when I was a kid and tried bittermelon for the first time, I hated it! After all, kids love their sugar. But when I tried it again as an adult for the first time a few years ago, to my surprise, I’ve developed a taste for it!

Bittermelon season lasts all summer and then some: starting from early spring all the way to late fall. A few years ago, my family started growing bittermelon in our own garden, and ever since, I’ve been eating bittermelon the moment spring comes. The nice thing about homegrown bittermelon is that it is not as bitter as store bought because we let the squash ripen on the vine, helping the fruit develop a mild & slight sweet flavor.

bittermelon mini orange healthy home grown garden

As I said, bittermelon is great for those with Type II diabetes, but if you are like me and do not have problems with sugar, bittermelon is still a great addition to your diet!

In general, bittermelon is known for its natural detoxification properties, which applies to: detoxifying the skin for the acne-free glow, the colon and liver for health digestion, weight loss, and even more (read below for a full list). Of course, you have to eat bittermelon regularly to see its benefits, but let me just say, after a few years of consuming bittermelon every spring, summer, and fall, I truly believe in this superfood!

I always feel so amazing after eating some bittermelon, as ironic as its name may sound. It really is the most underrated superfood out there! ✨ 

A bitter and a sweet melon

Point is, eating bittermelon will not turn you into one bitter melon! 😉 If anything, bittermelon makes you even sweeter, and I mean that figuratively because bittermelon actually reduces blood sugar, haha.

Anyways, read on for a full list of the health & beauty benefits of eating bittermelon that I have personally experienced (including ✨ summer glowy skin ✨) and to find out how I eat and reap the benefits of bittermelon!

Health & Beauty Benefits of Bittermelon (that I have personally experienced):

  • Skin. Whenever I incorporate bittermelon into my diet regularly, I definitely see a difference in my skin. It is more glowy and acne-free. Pretty sure it’s the detoxifying properties of bittermelon doing its works!
  • Digestion, liver detoxification, bloating. Let me just say… bittermelon makes my stomach and my colon happy. Bloating be gone!
  • Weight loss. Bittermelon can also aid in weight loss because it helps with bloating and detoxifies the body. However, this is not a miracle cure-all! There is no such thing! I believe in consistency and making a healthy diet + regular exercise a part of your daily lifestyle to achieve your optimum body goals or what have you.
  • Immunity: I don’t get sick very often, so I can’t “exactly” vouch for this, but maybe the reason why I don’t get sick during spring – fall seasons is my regular consumption of bittermelon!

These are my favorite ways to consume and reap the benefits of bittermelon!

Bittermelon Juice

Bittermelon juice may not sound very appetizing, but when you do it right, it is actually so delicious, and does this not look good? I mean, it looks deceivingly like a glass of almond milk. 😂 Let me tell you there is no kind of milk in there whatsoever! Let me know if you want me to share the recipe!

Bittermelon Juice Coconut Water

Stir-Fried Bittermelon Eggs with Peppers and Onion

Probably my favorite way to enjoy bittermelon. The eggs, onions, and peppers mask the bitterness of the bittermelon very well, and the dish is super tasty.

苦瓜鸡蛋 bittermelon eggs

Bittermelon Salad in a Spicy Garlic Cilantro Vinaigrette

Bittermelon Vegan Salad

Will share recipes for these in separate blog posts later!

Let me know: which bittermelon recipe you would like me to share first?

Thanks for reading!

xx, vt

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