A 2-hour morning workout that feels like Luxury

Plus sharing my free Core & Cardio Circuit that I did on Saturday, and my step-by-step guide to tricking yourself into a workout first thing in the morning even when you do not feel like it! 😆

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Spent two hours at the gym on this beautiful sunny Saturday morning, but I love it. ❤️😊 And this view doesn’t make me feel like I skipped out on a gorgeous day. 😁☀️

This week, I am one day behind my workout schedule due to the monthly lady problems that occurred on last Wednesday *ahem lol*, so that morning, I did what I usually do on Friday’s: a core & cardio circuit! I shared the workout below, which is about an hour long. I also ran intermittently, in between each circuit and post-workout, for a total of 40 minutes. Finally, I followed that with some much needed post-workout stretching, and the beautiful floor-to-ceiling window (which I am obsessed with!) made my cool down feel like luxury. ✨

firefly pose yoga demonstration
Firefly (pose) amongst a summer day backdrop


Even though I had a really good workout on Saturday, I actually went into the gym with zero motivation. I didn’t want to workout but rather get my workout over with. Note the difference. Whenever I don’t feel like working out, which is very common even for me, the workout fanatic, first thing in the morning, especially on a beautiful weekend day, here is what I do to motivate myself.

Introducing the…

“Things that Motivate Vivian (and You!) to Work Out First Thing in the Morning, Especially on a Weekend” Guide:

  1. While you’re still in bed debating whether or not to go to the gym 😴, tell yourself how amazing you’ll feel after you begin your day with a workout. 🍵*
  2. At the same time, distract yourself from the awful feeling of forcing yourself into physical exercise, preferably with upbeat music in the backdrop as you drive to the gym.
  3. As you are also driving to the gym, further remind yourself how nice it is to get your workout over with and have the rest of the day to yourself. This is especially nice on a weekend.
  4. When you arrive at the gym, you probably won’t have the mental motivation to actually do anything. This is normal. After all, you just woke up like what, 30 minutes ago? Just know that, all it takes is slow, easy, and luxurious warm up, along with some upbeat music in the backdrop, to get things going! 🎶


Those are pretty much the steps I went through Saturday (and this past Monday for my Arm Workout and this past Thursday for my Leg Workout) to get my butt to the gym. *I had a big & carb-heavy meal the night before on Friday, so I wasn’t feeling hungry that morning, but I did have a cup of hot fresh brewed Chinese green tea might of snuck in somewhere between Steps 1 and 2… 🍵

To be honest, as challenging as my workouts are, the hardest part of working out for me is actually not the workout itself, but warming up and getting started. It’s not hard for me to workout; it’s hard for me to build up that momentum to get things going, but after that, the rest of the workout is, well, not easy but, very easily flies by.

So after a slow and luxurious warm up of 20 minutes walking, I ended up easing into a run, and then my actual core & cardio workout (which I share below!), a total of 40 minutes of running, and some post-workout stretching & yoga fun… Before I knew it, I had worked out for two hours before I’d even realized it.

Anyways, read more to get the free core + cardio circuit workout that I did!

Post-workout stretch #TIMERCAMQUEEN

Also, while I do workout in the mornings most days, I don’t always work out “first thing” because sometimes I wake up too late and/or wake up hungry. I really just do what I feel like doing on a daily basis. 😆 But I digress… the point of this post is, when I do workout first thing in the morning, this is how I do it.

Disclaimer: I don’t always work out for two hours in one setting, nor do I think it’s a prescription to fitness, but I’m just showing how a workout that started out with zero motivation can turn into a long, energetic, and amazing session. ✨ Like the workout I am sharing below! 🙂

Vivian’s Core & Cardio Circuit, Saturday morning 7/30/16
Equipment: ankle weights, 15 lb dumbbell, cables

Part One. Slow & Luxurious Warm Up: 20 minutes walking on the treadmill to wake myself up because I just got out of bed like 30 minutes ago… 😆

Part Two. Circuit Workout! Each circuit is 50:10 seconds x 8 = 8 minutes total. 50 seconds ON for each exercise. 10 seconds OFF in between each exercise. Repeat each exercise twice before moving onto the next.

Run 5 minutes

Circuit 1: wearing ankle weights for each exercise
Leg drops
Plank tucks
Bicycle abs
Knee tucks

Run 5 minutes

Circuit 2: dumbbells and cables
Dumbbell standing side crunch (L) and then (R)
Cable standing side crunch
Cable pull down (abs)
Side V-ups (L) and then (R)

Repeat above circuit another round, so: run 5 minutes, circuit 1, run, circuit 2

Part 3. Post-workout run: ran for 20 minutes

Part 4. Yoga cool down + stretch

Part 5. Let me know if you give this workout a try! Share with me in the comments below if you want more of my free workouts!

Happy Weekend!

xx, vt


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