That feeling when… // 💪🏼 The A&C: Amazing & Challenging Arms & Cardio Circuit

TFW (that feeling when) you get your Monday workout over with first thing in the morning, and you feel…

That feeling when... Workout!!

Freaking. 💪🏼

Fabulous. ✨

Definitely setting myself up for future embarrassment by publicly sharing this silly photo, but then I remember that I don’t take myself too seriously…

That face you make when you finish your workout first thing on Monday, and so you feel AMAZING.

Anyways, click below for my amazing Monday workout from yesterday which I am calling, “The A&C: Amazing and Challenging Arms and Cardio Circuit

It is an upper body-focused strength & cardio workout that uses a mix of bodyweight, dumbbell, cable, and treadmill exercises, and it will leave your body DRENCHED and your arms, triceps, and upper back muscles SORE. 💪🏼 At least that’s what happened to me, and my arms are still sore.

Click below to get the workout!

Even though I got in an hour of sweaty cardio yesterday morning for Sunday “Run” Day, I still had a very relaxing rest of the day filled with baking sweet treats–whole wheat biscottis and chocolate chip banana oatmeal cookies–and eating lots of sweet treats. In turn, I woke up Monday morning wanting to move! 👟 I don’t always wake up with the feeling of wanting to workout immediately, so when I do, I act upon it. I do always usually do an “Arm Day” for Monday’s workout, so while still in bed Monday morning, I made a mental list of what upper body exercises I wanted to do today.

Yes, I make my own workouts because I’m not good at following plans. I just do whatever I feel like doing on that day. This is probably not the most efficient way to workout, but it is what works for me. I also have a small dictionary of exercises in the back of my brain that I’ve memorized from years of being on this workout grind, haha. I actually usually think of what exercises I want to do on the day of, usually a few minutes before, my workout.

That feeling when you post a funny picture of yourself feel so liberated LOL

Anyways, I came up with a workout and headed for the gym to do…

💪🏼 The A&C: Amazing and Challenging Arms and Cardio Circuit 7/25/16

WARM UP: 10 min elliptical, followed by some stretching

WORKOUT: do the below workout for 2 rounds

5 min run

Circuit 1: Bodyweight + Dumbbell
4 exercises; do each exercise for 50 seconds, then rest 10 seconds, and then do the exercise again. 50:10 x 8 = 8 minutes

Push up burpee
Tricep dips (with feet elevated for challenge)
Decline push ups
Chicken raises (works the shoulders)

5 min run

Circuit 2: Cables (same format as circuit 1, different exercises)

Tricep overhead extensions, using cables
Tricep pull-down, using cables
Rows in squat position, using cables
Push up burpee

And then… Repeat above for another 5 min run, C1, 5 min run, C2.

Done! WOOHOO! You should be sweaty, tired, and arms sore at this point.

And so, this is optional, but I then ended the workout with a “warm down,” or a 10 minute incline walk.

And this is not optional (hahaha), but do let me know if you try my workout! Instagram me or leave a comment below!

And for you Pinners, here’s a Pinterest-friendly version! Now, this is Pinterest-friendly but not very printer-friendly, so please save some ink and money, and do not print this version out! LOL

Challenging arm upper pinterest1

Because I got my workout done and over with in the morning, I had a very relaxing rest of the day on Monday. 🙂

Questions of the day:

What kind of workout of plan are you following?

How do you find what exercises you want to do at the gym?

When I first got into strength training, I used to struggle with this so much! I would google a bunch of exercises, write them down in the Note app, but when I got to the gym, I’d forget how to do them and end up having to re-google them on my smartphone. Happy to say those days are gone! 😂

Now GO TRY MY ARM WORKOUT! 💪🏼 Let me know how it goes!

xx, vt



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