🌞 The Perfect Sunday: Sunrise, Run, Yoga, Baking, and Roast ✨

✨ Just sharing some pictures and moments from a beautiful Sunday yesterday. 🌞

Post Run headstand pointe
Giving my legs a break and a stretch after Sunday morning’s 3 mi run + 1.5 mi walk ✔️

Sunday’s are always a nice and relaxing day of the week for me, but yesterday was particularly good because I started my Sunday up and early. I don’t always wake up before sunrise, but lately, I’ve been forcing myself to sleep earlier even when I do not feel like it, and it has been paying off, like seeing beautiful sunrises.

Sunrise Sugar Land, Texas

I am normally a sunset person, but lately, this July heat and humidity has got be stuck indoors, even in the evening time.

Sun beam
Morning light is my favorite

I love the morning yellow light. I actually don’t need sunshine throughout the day and love cloudy and even rainy weather, but I just love seeing sunshine particularly in the morning. It’s so energizing, inspiring, and awakening.

dog sunrise

So after watching the sunrise for a few minutes, I felt super energized and ready for a Sunday run!

Sunrise Run + Yoga

Mei Mei also enjoyed the sunrise with me, by way of her morning poop. She then proceeded to roll around in the grass after this photo, getting herself all dirty and stinky, costing me an extra 10 minutes to wash her up before going on a run…

After finally cleaning Mei Mei up, I hopped out the door for my run. Not even 30 seconds later, I decided it was already way too hot and humid to continue on, so I ran back home, got in the car, and drove to the gym. UGH. Global warming / climate change making Texas’s summers even more unbearable. 😦

The nice thing about getting up so early and going to the gym on a Sunday is that the gym’s almost empty.


3 mile run and a 1.5 mile walk later, came back home for a stretch…

Her mane is all wet and ugly because she was really naughty this morning and got herself dirty rolling in the yard, so I had to set 10 minutes aside and wash her before going to the gym -_-

…with Mei Mei! 🙂

Post Run headstand pointe
Giving my legs a break and a stretch after Sunday morning’s 3 mi run + 1.5 mi walk ✔️

After post-run stretching and a little yoga, I showered and made my first meal of the day.

💙 A blueberry & banana stuffed ~sweet omelette~ plus a random waffle ☀️


I actually almost messed up making this because I didn’t fold the omelette entirely half way, but I think it actually looks a lot better this way because you can see what I stuffed the omelette with! Gah… looking at this is giving me drools…

Anyways, I then drizzled the sweet omelette with some ~crunchy almond butter~


This omelette was so delicious. I’ll post the recipe for this very, very soon in a separate blog post! 😍 And I don’t think this photo does justice to show how fluffy and soft and delicious this was!!! 💙 It is grain and #glutenfree, #sugarfree, and just amazing…


This was so good that I was sad when it was over. 😭


My mom cut up some watermelon after breakfast, and I thought it looked cool, like a big skinned tomato, so I took a picture of it.

She also amazingly, impressively, and carefully separated each watermelon part into different bowls. From left –> to –> right is: watermelon skin for fertilizing out garden, watermelon rind for juicing, watermelon rind again for pickling, and watermelon meat for EATING! 🙂 🍉


After breakfast + watermelon, I then ran some errands with my parents, had lunch at Whole Foods… Speaking of which, the WF food bar in my local town sort of… well, sucks compared to the one in New York City and in Princeton. The options are a lot more limited, and the food is just not as delicious as the other WF bars I’ve tried. I normally LOVE eating lunch or even dinner at Whole Foods, but the one in Sugar Land just is not good. That said, yesterday, they had these oil-free roasted carrots, and they were BOMB.

Hidden gem was all the roasted carrots
Hidden gem was all the roasted carrots

Came back from errands and did some Sunday baking…!


These are 100% Whole Wheat, Sugar-Free Cranberry Walnut Biscotti.


More than half a year ago (Wow! Has time really flown by that quickly?), I shared the recipe to my Whole Wheat Biscotti, along with three different flavor variations. This is my mom’s version, and she uses a similar recipe, but hers look a lot better than mine because, well, she’s Mom. 😆

Click the above link for the recipe!


I’ll be honest and say that I mostly contributed to “taste-testing,” aka eating on this part, but I did make some Chocolate Chip Banana Oat Cookies after eating like 4 biscottis… >.<


I made these using my famous secret recipe I shared on Snapchat some time ago! I will get to sharing them on the blog one day! Subscribe and be patient!! Hahaha.

Not only are these cookies soft, chewy, and oh-so-delicious, they are also gluten free, VEGAN, SUGAR FREE, and simply amazing.


After an afternoon of baking and eating lots and lots of sweets, I did not feel super hungry for dinner, but my mom made wild salmon, garlic bok choy, and sweet potato porridge (all my favorite) for dinner, and I could not resist…


Notice(!) the pickled watermelon rind being put to good use. 🙂


That pretty much concludes my simple and amazing Sunday yesterday! Remember that I will be sharing the recipes to the sweet omelette, biscottis, etc., so subscribe to the blog, so you can get the recipes asap!

Also, what recipes would you like me to share from this post? Hope y’all had a relaxing Sunday and a good week ahead! 🙂

xx, vt

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