🍓 Spontaneous weekend trip to NYC




Happy Saturday!

Yesterday evening, I hopped on a train to NYC, walked in the rain to my friend’s apartment, where we cooked and ate a heart-warming tofu curry dinner (all vegan!), and then this morning, we did Soulcycle (my first try!), had brunch at a local cafe, and just meandered around the city.

Now, as I write this, I’m lying in bed completely pooped tired. I cycled/ran/walked over 25,000 steps (10+ miles), which includes this morning’s Soulcycle, walking around the city, sprinting to Penn Station NY fearing I wouldn’t catch the train on time (lol), and then walking more on campus, etc… I’ll write a blog post of today’s Saturday later, but if you want to experience it in “real-time”, check out my Snapchat @vivalatang! You can still see the updates until Sunday morning EST.

Anyways, this blog post is not about today Saturday but April 30th, when, at this time last week, I was in NYC on a boat, or really a yacht haha. And it all started with this Coconut Cinnamon Peanut Cake {grain-free & vegan}!


This is a single-serving cake that is healthy, quick, & easy to make because it is baked in the microwave. It is also grain-free and vegan! For the bulk of the cake, I use coconut flour, flaxseed flour, and peanut flour, and then bind them together simply with unsweetened almond milk. That’s it. Super simple, and better yet, surprisingly filling, full of fiber and protein.

Some of y’all might have seen my microwave cakes making frequent appearances on my social media channels lately (lol Snapchat), but I actually started making microwave cakes in my sophomore year of college, when I did not have easy access to a kitchen. Now it’s my fourth and final year of college, and life is really busy, giving me no time to bake my healthy treats like muffins, cakes, cookies, etc. 😦

Vegan and Paleo Microwave Cake

Thus, lately whenever I crave fresh baked goods (which is often), I make this microwave cake. And even more recently, I’ve been making these microwave cakes completely vegan, using ground flaxseeds as the ingredient that holds the cake together. The result is a cake with less structure than non-vegan cakes that use eggs but is still very soft with a moist crumb. Like a crumb cake that happens to also be grain free!

This recipe is also great because I usually crave baked goods for breakfast, and this takes so little time to whip together, making it perfect for mornings, and unless you take pictures of your food, making this recipe means you can have breakfast ready in under 4 minutes (for me it’s around 8 minutes because I need to decorate it and take a photo of it and share it on social media blahblahblah. Yeah, life’s tough.)

Speaking of food decor, I topped this microwave cake with crunchy organic peanut butter, 🍫 cacao nibs, 🍓 strawberries, and the 🍌  BIGGEST banana I’ve ever seen!


 My friend called that photo above disgusting, but I honestly just find cool produce fascinating? And that banana was also damn delicious. 🍌 Not all bananas taste the same, and that one had the perfect ripeness, sweetness, width, and texture roflolol. Ok I’m weeeeird. 🙈

Anyways, here is the recipe…

Cinnamon Coconut Peanut Microwave Cake (vegan & paleo)
Serves 1.

Vegan and Paleo Microwave Cake

15 g (2 tbsp) coconut flour
7 g (1 tbsp) flax
5 g (1 tbsp) peanut flour (I like Protein Plus brand)
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp baking powder
Pinch salt
100 g almond milk
Stevia drops, to taste (or sugar / honey / maple syrup)
1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract

Mix the dry ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl. And then just add the milk to the dry mixture. Then add in the stevia drops to taste and vanilla.

Microwave the batter for 2.5+/- minutes, on high. Then top with whatever you desire. This time, I topped it with: strawberries, the BIGGEST banana I’ve ever seen, cacao nibs, and peanut butter.

Entire recipe (not including toppings): 141 kcal; 7g fat, 14g carbs, 7g protein

After breakfast + tea, I went to the gym for a Saturday workout. Really just ended up doing a bunch of random stuff: erging, clapping push ups, rows, pull ups, sprinting, running, etc…

Post-workout lunch was this.

Well, first a snack…


Featuring my windowsill basil. 🙂 And then lunch.

Cooked Quinoa, Cooked Corn, Pre-cooked hardboiled eggs, Avocado + Hummus, over Baby kale, drizzled with sriracha + sprinkled with toasted black sesame seeds

Literally a “throw whatever shit is still from the fridge to the bowl” kind of salad.

As I was eating this, I got a phone call from a friend.

“Are you coming to NYC or what?”

We had been talking about me going to NYC this weekend but hadn’t set on anything final. But then I decided last minute why the hell not so packed my bags and left for the City!


Funny story. Ok more like a lame “Vivian being stupid” story… But here goes.

Nearing the end of the train ride, I here the conductor announce what I think was my stop, and everyone was getting up, so I thought we had arrived New York Penn. I scurried off the train. My friend said her apartment is within walking distance from the station, so I walked out of the station, looked up her address on Google Maps, and for some reason, it said my “Current Location” was still in New Jersey. Thinking that my phone was broken, I turned it off and on again, and it still said I was in NJ! By that point, I was like screw the phone and just started walking… Well, then I got really scared because there were many strangers, and everything was unfamiliar, and I was like… I don’t remember New York City looking this shabby. Took me a good 15 minutes to figure out that I got off NEWARK PENN Station, not NEW YORK PENN Station. Holy shit. Can I be any more sharp? Lol.

Obviously, I headed back into the train station, but the next train to New York Penn wasn’t for another 30 minutes, so I basically wasted one hour (and $3) because of my carelessness. Aiya! Long story short, pay attention more!

I eventually got on the train to New York Penn…


Arrived to New York Penn, and, yes, Google Maps now said my friend’s apartment was within walking distance. When I got to the address, I immediately knew that I was in the correct location from looking at the mirrors on the wall because those were the same mirrors my friend takes her Instagram selfies in. Of course I had to get selfie because it just validated after a wasting the day being lost that I was finally here!

“The Ludford Selfie”

Because I got to her apartment unfortunately late, my friend and I did not have time to get dinner as we had planned to because we were going spend the night out on the Hudson River in a yacht!

We got ready, well, really, my friend got ready, while I snacked on her cashews and apples (and she pregamed while I stayed sober haha), and then we headed out.

I, however, was feeling hangry after all that navigation struggle and no dinner. Fortunately, we arrived to the port a bit early and found a Chipotle, which was pretty much the only restaurant open in the area. Thank goodness. Chipotle saves the day.

I got a vegetarian bowl with the tofu sofritos (or whatever they’re called), which I ended up sharing with my friend. No guac though because I didn’t want to pay $2 for something I can make myself.

I was so hungry I (well we) polished it all under 2 minutes (no joke). Record time.


Then, we hopped on the yacht and sailed away!

I’m on a boat.

Liberated Lady versus Lady Liberty.

And yes, we sailed past the Statue of Liberty! 🗽 The boat was crowded with people trying to take photos of the Statue of Liberty, and so I am very grateful to have squeezed in and grab a selfie with her.


I’m calling this the “first” time I saw the Statue of Liberty, but apparently, I’ve been to the Statue with my parents when I was 1 year old. That doesn’t really count though because I obviously don’t remember any of it.

Anyways, the boat ride ended at 12AM, and on usual nights at that time, I’m either lying in bed just hanging out (my favorite nighttime activity lol) or already asleep.

We eventually got a yellow cab back (after literally struggling  for 30 minutes trying to call stupid Uber or Lyft), showered, and actually went to sleep at a pretty decent time (1:30am), which was perfect because we had morning hot yoga planned for the next day… (my next blog post!)


8 thoughts on “🍓 Spontaneous weekend trip to NYC”

    1. Thanks! And I am not sure! Peanut flour and almond flour having different textures, but you can try! Almond flour makes things more moist but crumbly. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a great tip. The only peanut-ish flour thing I can find in local grocery stores is PB2 or Tru-Nut, which is not quite peanut flour. Did you find yours at a specialty food store?


      2. You can also use PB2! But yeah peanut flour is hard to find, but it’s getting more readily available these days. I heard JIF even has their own line of peanut flour now. I buy my peanut flour on amazon or jet.com 🙂 Hope that helps! Let me know if you try it out 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yay sweet! Thanks Vivian 🙂 Seems like options are a little limited here in Canada, where I have never even seen JIF before! But purchasing online is a great idea.


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