🌸 Bittersweet spring ❀ Last week of school forever…!?

Magnolia Flower Asian Girl

🌸  Serendipity.

The word describes the past 9 days of my life, and for someone who is terrible at responding to spontaneity, that is a lot.

Perfect weather, unplanned activities, fun events, great people, challenging workouts, delicious food… Just so many good vibes. ✨  My heart feels whole and happy, yet, at the same time, it feels as if all of this is too good to be true. This is how I felt when I got into Princeton. Like the best things in life, it won’t last forever.

Tomorrow is the beginning to my last week of class, and I’m in total disbelief. 23 years on this planet, and I still haven’t worked out the mechanics of time. It’s as if my years of college life is coming full circle to these last bittersweet moments. As much as I complain about school, about Princeton, about not being with my dog back home in Texas, I’m going to miss this place. A whole fucking lot. On top of that, the past week has been too good to me, making graduation even harder.

Anyways, without making this post too long and melancholy, I’ll just leave it at that. All I wish for my last week of school is that the good vibes from the past week continue on to the next. Last Monday of college (!), let’s do this. 👊🏼

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