☀️ Nochella, No Problem. “What I Ate Today” + Healthy Chocolate Toast Recipe 🍫

☀️ Sun’s out + fun’s out = Happy Sunday! 🌸 

This is a yoga selfie that I captured (with a timer cam) last year April, when the flowers were still blooming! This year, the flowers bloomed early and have all already fallen off. 😦 That said, this photo depicts my feelings for this day.

Sunday night, lying in bed writing this post, I feel exhausted yet blissful. I think this is what the end of a fun day should feel like. This weekend was filled with activities and sunshine, and for me it’s been a long time since the weekend has actually felt like the weekend. The struggle was real during #thesislife. Weekends were consumed by just hasty workouts followed by spending the rest of the day frantically writing.

Now that I’m living the PTL (post-thesis life), and the weather’s getting amazingly warm, I finally feel like I can enjoy my Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Before I continue on writing, or rather, you continue on reading, I’m giving a heads up that this post is just going to be me rambling about my day with 3 or 4 random healthy recipes scattered here and there.

I just feel like doing a recap of a beautiful Sunday I had, while, more importantly, take y’all through some of my eats, and, at the same time, share the recipes for them. This is going to be my new way of sharing some casual recipes. I realize that I have so many recipes I want to share with y’all, but everything from the recipe itself to the photo of the recipe has to be “perfected” in order for me to feel good about sharing it.

As a result, I get many recipe requests from people that I never get to because “perfecting” a recipe post takes so much time. Being a college student, time is something I never have enough of! 👉🏼 For that reason, I want to start casually doing these more casual blog posts of some casual eats here and there and share some casual recipes. Casual.

Well, today Sunday was a really active day with lots of activities planned. I wear a MisFit activity tracker almost religiously and am a shameless step-tracking dork, and today, I ended up getting in 23K (23,000) steps!

Sunday morning, I went for a run 3.25 miles, followed by”accidentally” walking 5+ miles by wasting half of my day running back and forth across campus (more on that below…), but I normally average around 10-18K steps, so my legs and my entire body are currently so tired as I’m typing this haha.

I think in general most people start off Sunday as “lazy Sunday,” whereas I normally start off the day with a “Sunday run” first thing. But, today I got out of bed later than usual around 9am (as a result of sleeping late due to neighboring pregames… lol… -_-“), so I decided to save my run for later and start the day with breakfast.


On the menu was Sunshine ☀️ with a side of Chocolate Toast: cocoa spread (recipe below), strawberries, banana, almond butter, cacao nibs, all on sprouted wheat. 🍌🍓🍫🍞  Click below for the recipe!


🍫Cocoa Spread (Sugar-Free, Low-Calorie):

  • 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s Special Dark)
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened almond milk
  • 4-6 drops pure liquid stevia (or honey)

Stir until well-combined. It will seem as if the cocoa + almond milk will not mix, but just be patient and stir slowly.

While I made the cocoa spread, I toasted a piece of sprouted wheat toast. Then I smeared on the spread, topped it with cacao nibs, strawberries, bananas, and almond butter. Perfection.

I kept breakfast smaller than usual (normally I’d have two pieces of toast) because I wanted to get my run over with and have a fun rest of the day. Of course, I had to have my daily morning tea (oolong tea for today).

A couple hours after breakfast, I headed to the gym for a 3.25 mi run, 20 min elliptical, 5 min erging.

Came back feeling voracious (what’s new), and out of the blue craved a sweet potato! Luckily, I found a uncooked sweet potato in the freezer (YAASS!!) and nuked in the microwave for two minutes to defrost & cook it thoroughly.

Of course, I got to having my toppings, and I topped that sweet ‘tater with a cinnamon peanut-honey swirl (recipe below!) and almond butter.


If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@vivalatang), you’ll know that this Peanut-Honey Spread is a staple in mine! I actually came up with this spread when I ran out of peanut butter one day (tragic) and couldn’t make it to the grocery store / didn’t realize that jet.com carried organic peanut butter. I had a bunch of peanut flour on hand, so I thought that mixing it with almond milk could be a temporary “substitute” for peanut butter, and it turns out, adding a tiny bit of honey to the mix makes it tastes very similar to regular ol’ peanut butter! It’s not as rich because it’s low-fat, but I think that’s what makes it tastier than peanut butter: I can eat a whole lotta of this without feeling sick.

Long story short, this is a low-fat and high-protein nut spread that is great for spreading on toast and what-have-you. It is also great post-workout because it’s high in protein and low in fat. I make it my just combining roughly equal parts peanut flour + almond or soy milk + 1/2 tsp organic honey. So for example:

  • 15 g peanut flour
  • ~20 g almond milk (more or less)
  • honey to taste

Also had some other boring stuff like broccoli and egg whites and oranges.

After a light snacky lunch, it was around 1pm, which was the start of Communiversity. This is an event that the Princeton city throws every year to kick off the Spring season by featuring local businesses and their craft; it’s basically a way to bring the Princeton local community and the University together. It’s a rather big fair and a lot of fun with of booths selling food, art, crafts, jewelry, clothing, etc.

I decided to head over unshowered and still dressed in my running gear (gross I know lol) because I planned to just meet up with a friend, take a casual look around, and head back. So I walked on over to Nassau Street, where the Communiversity event is held on, and first thing I saw was this Teva stand.

I first found this shoe company on Instagram, and to be honest, the shoes look kind of dorky. That said, the company markets its brand as adventurous and fun, so I guess I bought into that. (Yes I’m conscious of when I’m falling into a brand’s marketing – or try to be haha). Plus, the shoes seem comfy yet stylish; great for traveling. But most importantly, the Teva stand at the fair was having this “sale” selling sample shoes, and so the price was much cheaper than retail. For example, the first pair you buy would range from $15 – 40, and then each additional pair would cost only $10! This was actually perfect for me because I’ve been needing new sandals for the longest time, and given that at regular price, Teva shoes normally range from $70-90, to me, it was an awesome deal to me!

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the Communiversity booths would only accept cash, and I only had cards with me on hand, so I had to head on over back to my room for my wallet. And this is how my Sunday adventure of wasting time and energy begins…

My on-campus apartment is 1/2 a mile away from Communiversity, so that was another mile or so walk. I decided to just go ahead, shower, change out of my gym clothes, and wear something nice while I was at it. Afterwards, I grabbed my wallet and walked a 1/2 mile back to Communiversity. Got to Nassau Street, waited in long line for the ATM, and after around 15 minutes or so when it was my turn to use the machine, I realized my debit card was not in the wallet that I grabbed. FAIL.

So I had to walk back to my dorm again, grab my debit card, and then back again to Nassau Street (another mile walk — that’s THREE miles already), where I waited in the ATM line again to finally withdraw some cash.After all that wasted time and pointless work (at least I got in a lot of extra steps today? lol), I headed to the Teva stand for some much-needed retail therapy.

After probably annoying the hell out of the booth managers and spending forever picking and choosing, I narrowed it down to 5 pairs. Which ones do you like best? Of these 5, I ended up purchasing 3 pairs. I guess good deals are a double-edged sword  because I originally just needed to get one new sandal, but I ended up getting a few… That being said, ifI bought those three pairs at a department store or online, it’d cost me $250. I got them for only $60!! 😀


Which three pairs do you think I ended up getting? Or, which ones would you choose? (I reveal which ones I bought at the end of this post.)

So after scoring a good shoe deal and finally getting not one but three new sandals, I walked around, exploring the fair, got tired, and headed back to my dorm. Another 1/2 mile walk. But, when I got back, I was feeling really hungry… Called up a friend and decided to go back to the event to grab some food.

Roasted Corn! I made sure it order this without the butter for two reasons. (1) Believe it or not, I actually prefer plain corn over buttered. (2) To avoid the empty fats and calories. I am not against calories and fats. We obviously need calories and fats to live, but I try to get my energy from whole food sources instead of from sources that won’t give me any good nutrients. 

I did make sure to douse it with spice though. 😉

Walked around some more (which means more steps lol).


So basically my day was a 3.25 mi Sunday run and wasting time walking 4 miles back and forth between my dorm and Nassau Street. This is how I got in those crazy 23K steps: not by going the distance but by staying in pretty much the same area going up and down the 1/2 mile walkway…

Anyways, I headed back to my dorm and proceeded to make dinner. I was craving kabocha (what’s new), and that takes a long time to cook, so I got to that first thing.

But then something tragic happened… …!!!

Lol. Yeah. I started cooking when I was maybe 13, and in my 10 PLUS YEARS of handling a knife, I have NEVER had a knife accident!

Guess I was just exhausted from the day and couldn’t focus on chopping properly. On the positive side, I was cutting my favorite food (kabocha), so the blood sacrifice was well worth it. Also, as you can tell, it healed rather quickly. Within 5 minutes, it stopped bleeding. I think it’s because I put a slice of garlic on the wound, and I promise garlic heals pretty much everything.

Whenever I accidentally bite myself while eating or something, I immediately put a slice of garlic on the wound to prevent it from becoming a canker sore (which are the worst!). Garlic also helps with zits and pimples.

Anyways, so dinner was this. Roasted Scallion Pepper Salmon. Garlic Bok Choy. Kabocha (plus more unpictured lol). And FRESH KIMCHI! 😀


For the salmon, I made my “famous” Sesame Scallion Salmon. I came up with this recipe maybe 4-5 years ago, and now it is my go-to way of preparing salmon. It is also quite popular amongst my friends and family, and today I’m sharing this secret recipe with you! (If you made it to reading this post this far haha.)

For one single serving (me!), I basically took 5 oz wild salmon and placed it on a lined baking tray. Preheated the oven to 300*F. In a bowl, I mixed together:

  • 3 chopped scallions
  • Chopped roasted red pepper (from a jar)
  • 1/2 tsp sesame oil, chili garlic paste (or sriracha), salt, pepper.

Then I topped that mix onto the salmon. On the baking tray, I also threw on some sliced shittake mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic. Then I threw it in the oven to bake for around 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, I washed my bok choy, chopped it in to pieces, and chopped some garlic. I cooked the bok choy in a wok on high-heat. I first added coconut oil + garlic + chili peppers in the wok and stir fried until fragrant, about 30 seconds. And then I added the chopped bok choy stems. Stir fried maybe 5 minutes until soft, and then I added the leaves. Once wilted, I immediately shut off the head and season with salt.

And that was my Sunday. This weekend was just too good. I am not looking forward to tomorrow Monday, but at least that brings me closer to another weekend! lol

Oh! By the way, here are the three pairs of Teva shoes that I ended up getting in case you were wondering. 🙂


What did you do this past Sunday?

It seems like the many of my friends enjoyed a beautiful weather today: from the West Coast to the East. I have friends who enjoyed tulips in Seattle, prancing around in Coachella; and friends in Boston, D.C., etc. all enjoying a good day.

Except for Texas. It is actually flooding in Houston area right now! 😦


6 thoughts on “☀️ Nochella, No Problem. “What I Ate Today” + Healthy Chocolate Toast Recipe 🍫”

  1. Me and Coachella. That’s hilarious. I do admit it’s a great place for bohemian fashion inspiration 🙂 anyways, you look so flexible and lovely in that yoga picture! By the way, I love the shoes you chose! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

    PS: Sweet potatoes, almond butter and peanut butter together are UNREAL.


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