🍌 Individual Banana Cream Pies! With Tofu Cream Filling | Happy Pi Day

Mini banana cream pies! 🍌 With a peanut butter oatmeal cookie crust, filled with fresh & creamy banana tofu custard, and topped with fluffy whipped meringue. Not only are these healthy, dairy free, refined sugar free, high protein, and 100% whole grain, these are ABSOLUTELY yummy.

I think they are the perfect spring and summer dessert, and they’re healthy enoguh for breakfast. Because why not start off Pi Day with the dessert itself? Best yet, you get to eat an entire pie all for yourself!


For this recipe, I also put together a fun little cooking video of me showing you how I made this pie. Please try to ignore the awkwardly tight shirt that I had since high school, as well as the dorky hipster glasses. I filmed this last year, and I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to dress up as a nerd. 🙈 Guess I was really got into the idea of Pi Day last year…

Anyways, enjoy the video! Recipe is also below. 🙂

When it comes to March 14, there’s two types of people: those who celebrate 3.1415…, and those who, well, eat pie.

Guess which group I fall in. 🙈


But if I’m honest, I actually miss taking geometry and calculus. Those were the days I thought I was actually good at math and had the guts to take linear algebra in college only to find out that I legitimately suck at math. Ugh. The worst semester of my life!! 😂

So good thing on this π Day, I’ll be making Pies you can eat instead of using Pi you calculate with. 😉

Healthy Banana Cream Pie

And on this Pi Day, I am presenting… miniature banana cream pies with a peanut butter oatmeal cookie crust and topped with fluffy meringues.


So far, already sounding a lot more pleasant than 3.141592653589793… 😏

These mini banana cream pies are not only delicious, you can’t tell that they are actually healthy!

First of all, they have a whole grain oatmeal and flax crust.

Second, there’s freaking TOFU in the these banana pies. Traditional custard pie recipes use a ton of eggs and cream, but I’ve come up with an easier and more nutritious custard using tofu!

Custard fill

That’s making the cream filling high in protein, lowering the fat, yet light and creamy. Also, it’s 100% vegan! The banana cream filling is so good I eat it on its own. It literally tastes like those banana pudding cups I used to eat as a kid, so if you’re here for the pie filling, it’s all good too. 😉


Lastly, you get an entire pie all to yourself! These individual pies are single serving, and for one pie, it’s roughly 425 kcal; 13g F; 60g C (8.5g fiber), 24g Protein! Additionally, they are full of nutritious stuff like oatmeal, flax, peanut butter, banana, etc. To me that sounds like a great breakfast.

I mean, why not start off Pi Day with the dessert itself? 🙂


I actually developed this recipe last Pi(e) Day 2014, but lately I could not stop thinking about banana cream pie… I mean, they look don’t look bad, right? And as in “don’t look bad” I mean they look damn delicious, right?

That’s ’cause they are! 😉


So damn delicious that I think they need their own soundtrack… You know that Peanut Butter Jelly has a song? Yeah I need one for these pies haha.


Anyways, here’s my recipe!

Banana Cream Pies

Individual Banana Cream Pies!
Serves 2.
High-protein, whole grain.
Dairy-free, gluten-free.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Pie Crust
Oat flour (or rolled oats): 50 grams (1/2 cup + 1 tbsp)
Walnuts (preferably toasted): 30 grams (1/4 cup)
Ground flax seed: 2 tbsp
Pinch salt
Dash cinnamon
Peanut Butter: 1 tbsp (all-natural, no sugar added)
Honey: 1 tbsp*
Egg yolk: 1 *
Water: 1/2 – 1 tsp, if needed

*For vegan option: use an additional tablespoon of peanut butter and agave, maple syrup, or Bee-Free “Honee” instead.

In a food processor, add all oat flour (or rolled oats), walnuts, flax, salt, and cinnamon. Pulse to mix everything. Then add the peanut butter, honey, and egg yolk (or additional peanut butter for vegan option). Pulse until everything is combined. Then add in the 1/2 – 1 tsp of water. Pulse in the food processor.

Divide the pie crust into two tart liners (or just one pie pan), pressing it in the pan while making sure the surface is even.

Bake at 350*F for 10 minutes. Let cool before filling the pie crusts with the banana tofu custard.

See the video for more detailed instructions!

Nutritional info for 1 crust: 186kcal, 10g F, 21.5g C (4.3g fiber), 5.8g Protein

Custard fill

Tofu Custard Filling
Makes about 1+ cup of custard.

You will have some leftover custard, but I love topping oatmeal or yogurt with the banana custard or enjoying it as banana pudding! 

**Important to note is that you must use silken tofu. I am pretty sure that this recipe will not work for regular tofu. I’ve never tried it.

Silken film organic tofu: 7 oz (do not use regular firm tofu)
Banana: 1 large 🍌
Peanut flour: 1 tbsp (or 1 tbsp peanut butter)
Stevia /or/ Honey: to taste (1 – 3 tbsp honey)
Dash of turmeric (optional, gives the custard a sunny color)
Pinch salt

In the same food processor (I don’t even bother washing it after I made the pie crust), blend all the above ingredients together. Set aside.

Meringue Topping
Egg whites, room temperature: 2 large (use 1 egg white & the leftover one from the pie crust)
Cream of tartar: 1/4 – 1/2 tsp
Sugar: 1/2 – 1 tsp

Make the meringue for the pie by whipping the egg whites with sugar + cream of tartar until the egg whites are so stiff that if you flip the bowl over, the egg whites will not fall out.

See the video for detailed instructions!

The fun part: assembling + baking the pies!

On the baked pie crust, first layer in some sliced banana coins. This prevents the pie crust from getting soggy!

Optional, but you can also add in some peanut butter on top of the bananas (as I did in the video) for some extra peanut buttery goodness.

Then layer on the banana tofu custard.

Once you’re done layering, add the meringue to the pies. Place the pie in a 475*F preheated oven for ~5 minutes, and then broil for 2-3 minutes.

Because I enjoy these as breakfast, I like to serve these little pies with tea! Enjoy!

And let me know, which part of the holiday do you celebrate? The Pi or the pies?

Happy Pi Day! 🙂

And as always, don’t forget to share your creations with me on Instagram by tagging @vivanttang!



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