☀️ Move it, Monday Morning: Setting Momentum for March 2016

Good morning Last Monday of Leap Year February! 💕

The Month of Love has been showing me some extra love 😛, especially in the exercise department. I’ve been very “on top” of and consistent with my workouts, and I think it has something to do with my Monday morning routine.

I enjoy starting every Monday morning with exercise first thing because I feel that it sets momentum for the rest of the week. A body in motion stays in motion. 😉

That said, I’m not good at doing crazy heart-wrenching workouts on early mornings. Burpees before breakfast? No thanks haha. The body’s cortisol levels are also higher in the mornings, and doing intense exercise before breakfast further raises cortisol, which may cause the body to actually store fat.

The point is, I love starting my day off with exercise, but I stick to something manageable and relaxing like easy yoga or non-intense steady-state cardio for 15-35 minutes depending on early I get out of bed lol, and then… later in the morning or afternoon, I’ll do my real workout of the day.

For me, morning exercise is just a way to for me to mentally and physically “warm up” for the day, and it’s the reason why I love waking up early! If you’re looking for ways to become a morning person, I say start it off with yoga, a walk, a jog… whatever works for you!

This morning, I woke up with semi-stiff muscles and felt a need to warm up, so I did a cardio sesh of {20 minutes elliptical, 10 min run, 5 min walk}. 🙂

March 2016 #LetsDoThis! 💪


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