Deep cravings: Cancun Day One.

Can’t believe it’s already the end of February 2016…! Time is just too short. Still thinking back to four weeks ago, when I spent my birthday weekend in Cancun, Mexico.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but on Instagram, I share my travels in China, Spain, and Amsterdam. Traveling isn’t as big of a part in my life as I’d like it to be, being a student and all, but I do love exploring new places and learning about new cultures!!

I love to travel, but it isn’t a lifestyle (maybe one day?). On the other hand, health and fitness is my way of life that I believe in and will stick to for the rest of my life.

So, even when I travel, I make healthy eating and working out a priority. That doesn’t mean I’m super strict about it, but it does mean squeezing in a short 10 minute morning workout before a day of exploring, or eating nice and healthy for breakfast and then eating cheesecake after a dinner feast.

Healthy living is something I’ve stuck to for 8ish years now, so it’s a habit ingrained in my daily decision making. And when exploring a new place, this way of living is all about balance.

The point is, I stick to this lifestyle even when I travel, so I thought I would share how I keep fit and healthy when I’m at different places across the globe! Starting with my recent trip to Cancun.

So back to January 28, 2016…


I had just come back from a sunset walk with my pup.IMG_3324x.jpg

And it was time to get packing!

Packing: beachy samurai feels.

Of course I packed the essentials… which includes the necessary food. 🙈

I saw in the fridge some leftover salmon, mixed greens, and half an avocado that I did NOT want to go to waste (wasting food is my ultimate pet peeve! 😡), so I thought I would pack it into a big, bright, and beautiful salad.

Even though I was well-aware Customs does not allow food passing through international travel, I thought, I’m in South Texas. Mexico literally is an hour away. It should be fine, and I’ll have a nice lunch after we land…

I ended up staying up quite late packing (typical procrastinator)…

So when I had to wake up at 6am to catch the plane, I was not very enthusiastic.


Got on the plane and immediately fell asleep,  and in two hours, I woke up to this:

Talk about them January blues. 🐳🐬🐟💦

Just looking at this from the airplane woke me up, and I had forgotten about being so sleepy. I couldn’t wait to get through the airport and into the ocean!!! 🌊

But first, I had to face Customs, and ugh, I should have known! My salad was not allowed. Normally when traveling, I recommend packing some healthy snacks, but since I literally was a two hour plane ride away from Cancun, next time, I know not to pack any food.

But. I swear one of the Customs official wanted to eat my lunch, because I saw one of the guys taking the salad away with him!!! LOL. But then I ran after him and asked for the Tupperware back, and so he emptied out the food by dumping it aaaalll into the trash can. Even my organic blueberries. Cringe-worthy. 😦

Well, now I know. 😦 At least I saved the tupperware…

☝🏼️ A moment of silence for the  beautiful salad indeed got taken away by Customs!!!! 😩😤😭

Anyways, we finally got to the oceanside.

It was love at first sight.

Deep cravings

Despite really wanting to jump into the ocean immediately, since Customs threw away my lunch, I had nothing to eat, and was CRAVING FOOOOOOD. Just gimme anything kind of craving haha.

Also realized walking around in heels and a dress wasn’t very practical, so I changed and was about to head out…

But first☝, let me take a stretchie.


Morning flights are the worst. I hate waking up early with no time to stretch or workout, so I got to the hotel sleepless, restless, and hungry, but a little stretch helps.

Except for the hungry. Only food can fix that. 😝


And the first thing I ordered? 🍓🍹 When in Mexico… 😉

I am *not* much of a drinker at all, but I can’t resist fruity blended beverages, especially piña coladas. 🍍🌴 I know, I’m such a 12 year old. 😝 (Not trying to promote this to 12 year olds in any way…)

Anyways, even though I don’t drink alcohol on a regular basis, of course I’m going to have some while on vacation! 😉

And so the birthday weekend begins… Viva La Mexico!


Stay tuned for my Cancun Day 2 + 3 recap by following me on Instagram @vivanttang and subscribing to this blog!

I’ll be sharing what I ate and my morning workouts on vacation. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Deep cravings: Cancun Day One.”

  1. Oh no! That is cringe-worthy. On my last flight from Waterloo back to BC, I packed overnight oatmeal to eat but Customs said I couldn’t bring it in! I was so disappointed. She made me sit on the ground and eat it before passing security!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg at least you got to eat it! The guy didn’t even let me eat my salad. I asked him if I could just eat it instead of having him throw it away, and he just laughed at me. 😦 Now we know! haha

      Liked by 1 person

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