🍌 Make me a Sandwich. Valentine’s Day Idea. 💛

Ok ok ok. So maybe you’re going to be cooking a nice Valentine dinner, and morning pancakes and dessert brownies are too fussy. Still, you want to make a nice semi-romantic breakfast or lunch. Well then do the classic: make her a sandwich (because girls deserve sandwiches more than guys do not just on VDay but any day…!)

All you need for this recipe is (1) a sandwich 🍌 and (2) a heart-shaped cookie cutter. 💛

Peanut Butter BAnana Sandwich VAlentine

This was actually my Valentine’s Day breakfast last year 2015, so I’m just sharing it this year to give y’all ideas. I made a PB Banana Honey sandwich using:

Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread
Organic peanut butter
Organic honey
Banana 🍌

Toasted bread. Made sandwich. Cut a heart out of it.
Took a bite of PB Banana Heart.
Downed it with a cold glass of soy milk. >:)

Note: So this “recipe” has a lot of freedom, but since this is a health-focused blog, I recommend using a whole grain bread and preservative-free nut butters, etc!

If you try this idea out, let me know! Share a picture of it with me on Instagram @vivanttang. What kind of sandwich did you make?


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