❤️ Heart Beet Brownies | Heart-Healthy, Gluten-free, Vegan option

These Heart Beet Brownies are the perfect way to get someone’s heart beating for you because not only do they have this romantic burgundy wine color, they are deliciously chewy with light crisp edges, and they’re heart-healthyCan brownies get any more romantic?

What’s a way to win my heart? ❤️

I’m easy: Food.
Ok, not that easy.

Delicious and healthy food.

And if you give me something delicious, healthy, and there’s chocolate and hearts involved, well, then I’m all yours!


So… I guess my Valentine this year is me, myself, and I then.

And Chocolate. Chocolate is my Valentine. 🍫

Beet Brownies 1

If you, however, are celebrating this weekend with someone special, these red velvet heart beet brownies are the perfect way to get someone’s heart beating for you. 😉

First of all, they’re made with 100% oats, making them heart-healthy and gluten-free!

Then when baked, they’re a gorgeous burgundy red, like the color of fine wine. And if you cut them into heart shapes, they’re the perfect Valentine foodie gift. I don’t think brownies can get any more romantic than this.


But it gets even better. These healthy brownies are sooo chewy and fudgy and melt-in-your-mouth. Seriously, with these brownies, I certainly don’t mind that I’m having Chocolate as my Valentine.


Aaand… if you don’t want to go through all the fuss of cutting these up into heart shapes with a cookie cutter, these look great as well simply from its color.


On another note, I also made these vibrant Hot Pink Sweet Heart Blondies. I’d say the brownies are mature and romantic, like fine wine, and the hot pink blondies are young and playful. 😉

Be sure to check that recipe out as well!



Heart Beet Brownies

Makes an 8×8 pan of thick brownies, or a 9×9 pan of medium thick brownies
[gluten-free, vegan option]

Oat flour: 120 grams or 1.25 cups
Cocoa powder, unsweetened: 2 tbsp
Baking powder: 1 tsp
Salt: pinch
Can of unsalted beets: 6 oz or 3/4 cup
*Eggs: 2
*Butter, melted: 1 tbsp
Vanilla: 1 tsp
Stevia: 10 – 15 drops (to taste), or any natural sweetener to taste
Chocolate chips: as much as your heart desires (or 3 – 4 tbsp)

*For Vegan version:
Substitute eggs with: 1 tbsp flax + 1/4 cup non-dairy milk (I used unsweetened soy)
Substitute butter with: 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted

Mix the dry ingredients. In another bowl, mix the wet ingredients. Then gently fold the wet into the dry. Pour the batter in a brownie pan greased and lined with parchment paper. Bake at 350*F for 28+ minutes until they pass the toothpick test!

See video for more thorough instructions! Actually.. don’t. I’m too embarrassed by it but at the same time am too proud to take it down (since I did put a lot of work into making the video lol).

Heart Beet Brownies

Don’t forget to snap a picture of your Heart Beet Brownies and share them with me on Instagram! @vivanttang. Let me know who you’re making them for. Is Chocolate also your Valentine? Or are you sharing them with a special someone? 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😘


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