Funny way to get you drinking your Christmas Detox Juice 🎄

Christmas Tree Juice Detox Green

The holidays are all about balance. If you feasted a bit too much on Christmas Eve (I couldn’t move after dinner + dessert yesterday hahaha), make some green juice this morning. 😉

This clip is actually from Christmas Eve morning. Yesterday I woke up craving juice, so I got a head start to all the detox stuff. I love eating too much to do cleanses, but I love started my day with green juice! I actually love the taste of it; it’s so crisp, refreshing and, as you can tell from the video, makes me feel amazing and energized. 🙈


My typical juice is Kale, Celery, Lemon, Ginger, homegrown Oranges, and topped with dash of cayenne pepper🍊 Sometimes I’ll add cucumber and apples. The cayenne is supposed to help boost the metabolism; I like the spicy kick it adds.

Anyways, this video was entirely a snapchat video that I did not plan on making public, but then I thought it was too funny and could maybe inspire you to drink green juice this holiday season as well! Hopefully I don’t come off as mental and simply as a girl energized by her morning drink.

Cheers to you and your family!🎄 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Now off to open presents. 😉


xx, vt


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