Christmas Tree 2015

πŸŽ„ Christmas Tree 2015 is up!
christmas splits ballet yoga santa pointe flexibility holidays santa

Took some holiday greeting pics after decorating, so of course the first thing I do is put my leg up against the wall like a normal person. 😊

Christmas yoga ballet pointe santa

The tree has generic decor because we’re too lazy to go up to the attic and search for that box of cute little ornaments, lots of them personalized, some of them handmade, tons of character. 😝

Christmas ballet yoga santa legs

Forever doing weird stuff, i.e., putting me legs up against walls and flinging my arms around awkwardly. Yup.Β πŸ‘

Side note: this was literally just a copy / paste from my tumblr (, which I am starting to use for more random casual stuff posts… which is basically my life (random and casual ahaha).

Do you use tumblr? I used to use it a lot a couple years ago for creating “mood boards”: Β is my old tumblr if you’re curious. Beware, it ain’t 100% PG-13 LOL. But now that I create my own content, I’ll try not to reblog stuff but who knows…

Connect with on tumblr if you use it too! ❀


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