Rise and (Sun)Shine(Day)

Firebird leap Dance Jump Yoga Sunrise

🌞 RISE and SHINE! ☀️ Literally because it’s Sunday Runday. 🌞

…which for me means waking up and getting shiny (sweat lol). 💦 3 miles done and dusted! ✔️

I then proceeded to stuff my face with Stuffed French Toast with Homemade Chia Cranberry Jam and Almond Butter.😛


It’s currently a beautiful Sunday here in Jersey, where the weather lately has been 65+! Later today, it’s supposed to hit 70*F as well. And I thought Winter was coming. I mean, it may be climate change (or probably just El Nino?), but being raised in Texas, I’ll take warmer weather whenever I can. 🙈

On an unrelated note, whenever I post a photo like this, I get asked who is my IG husband. 😒 So in light of the recent “Instagram Husband” video, who is my IG husband?

Well, let me say ya girl doesn’t need some Instagram husband. This photo was taken by me, myself, and I. 💁

In fact, ~80% of the photos I post are taken by myself. Knowing how to spot good lighting, familiar with angles, and getting help from the self-timer and a makeshift (or real) tripod is all I need to take my photos. That said, I don’t complain when I have the occasional personal photographer…  hehe. 😉

So… While I thought the video was pretty funny, I don’t think it’s applies to every “cute girl on Instagram.” Or maybe I don’t fit into the “cute girl” category. 🙈 I think the video paints the IG girl as someone who stages her entire life is taking photos every single minute, and is dependent on a guy to take her photos, but speaking for myself, that isn’t always true. My Instagram only represents a small portion of my life, a small portion that it incredibly valuable to me because I love doing what I do, but it’s still small. I only share things that are special to me because the rest of my life is pretty boring. But one part of the video that cracked me up was the food photog… YES IF THE FOOD SPREAD IS GORGEOUS I WILL STAND UP TO TAKE A PHOTO and make people wait hahaha.🙋 (But I’ve been doing that since like high school and am now so skilled at it, it takes me seconds.)

It’s just that I am a VERY visual person. I remember things through pictures. Even when I need to memorize something, I associate it with a picture to help me remember. I also love creating and remembering memories through photos. And so I am naturally drawn to them. I’ve been this way since I was a kid, when I was already snapping pics of everything, way before sharing it on social became a thing.

I also think the world is increasingly a visual one with smartphones and stuff. Even my dad, who was the LAST PERSON ON EARTH to get a cellphone (I got one before him lol), bombards me these days with photos on WeChat, but I love it. I love how easy it is to stay connected with family and friends through photos, and I love that we have the ability to share our little moments with them.

That said, these moments can be easily manipulated, which is why I think as awesome Instagram is, some people are turned off by it. As for me, I try to stay true while sharing beautiful content. Like I said, I only take photos of moments that resonates with me, and since my Instagram is public, I try to keep the content non-personal and health/fitness/lifestyle-related. Lifestyle and life aren’t the same thing, and I blog about my lifestyle, not my life.

Anyways, this turned into an unnecessary ramble. I hate sharing my thoughts publicly, so I’m probably going to regret hitting the Publish button but no one reads these anyways so 👍.

xx, vt


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