Exercises for a Forearm Stand πŸ’ͺ (How-To…ish)

Forearm Stand Yoga How To

I am definitely not an expert on forearm stands, but considering when I first tried them two years ago, I felt like my arms were going to snap, and now they’reΒ so much fun for me to do, I thought I’d share how I built enough strength to hold it for 6 meager (update TEN but still meager haha) seconds. 😝

Doing forearm stand was never a goal of mine, and I didn’t practice them everyday. On the other hand, handstands are a goal that I am still working on! 😦 But aΒ couple of weeks ago, I tried a forearm stand, and I realized how easy it was for me to balance and controlΒ compared to when I first started doing them. I think freestanding forearm stands are like a precursor to freestanding handstands, so one (hundred) step(s) closer??

Anywho, balancing on the forearms requires more than just forearm strength. I think, like anytime you’re balancing upside down, theΒ skill to have is finding balance through yourΒ core. You have to really controlΒ your core in order to control your body from wobbling. So having core strength is the most important when it comes to not just forearm stand but any inversion.

For the forearm stand, you also need forearm strength and a bit of shoulder mobility. So, doing this pose is not only fun and challenging, but it will also help tone up those abs and arms. πŸ˜‰Β πŸ’ͺ

Forearm Stand Yoga How To

Here’s some exercises I do on a semi-regular basis that I think has helped me become strong enough for this pose.

  • Headstand – before any inversion, you should know how to do a freestanding headstand. Headstand requires core strength and balance. I started doing them three years ago, and now can doΒ headstands freestanding. I learned headstand through basic googling. πŸ˜‰

  • Forearm Plank

  • Forearm Plank to Down Dog transition

  • Up/Down Plank (aka Commandos)

  • Baby Crow Pose – basically a crow pose on the forearm; this tests both your core and forearm strength

  • Pigeon Pose – for shoulder mobility

  • Aaaand…practice! πŸ˜‰

Finally… when you are ready for the forearm stand, begin at the wall.Β I still amΒ not strong enough for a press up forearm stand. 😦 So I still have to kick up and use my core to prevent me from toppling over… Still a work in progress.

If you want any further explanations, just ask!Β I know this was a pretty pointless post but maybe helpful?

Anyways, Happy Saturday! πŸ™‚ The weather is ahmaaazing for December, so I’m going to go enjoy it. ✌️




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