Homemade Sugar-free Dark Chocolate Chunks 🍫

I think a misconception many people have about chocolate is that they still think that it’s an unhealthful food. Haven’t you heard? Chocolate in itself is not unhealthy. In it’s raw state, chocolate is known as cacao, which has zero sugar and is rich in antioxidants. It’s basically a health food! Not kidding. 🍫

The problem is, when people think of chocolate nowadays, they don’t think of cacao but rather, Hershey’s milk chocolate, Kitkat bars, M&Ms, etc… These products are loaded with sugar. No wonder why people who are trying to be healthier avoid chocolate altogether. BIG MISTAKE.

chocolate spreading stevia sugar free

This recipe is here to prove that chocolate can be a part of your healthy lifestyle. Starting with my Homemade Dark Chocolate Chunks. It’s easy, healthy (sugar-free + vegan), and you get to play with melted chocolate, so why not?

chocolate spreading stevia sugar free

Pouring melted chocolate… Can someone make this go on forever? 😍

I recommend playing some slow tunes while making this. Smells, sight, feel, taste of melted chocolate + sensual music… Senses overload

And y’all already know this, but the best part is licking the spatula. 👅

chocolate spreading stevia sugar free

Before I started making my own chocolate chunks, I had been looking for a healthier chocolate chip that was sugar-free and ideally vegan.

Not many met this requirement; even Whole Foods’ 365 brand for dark chocolate chips had sugar and milk and lecithin. When I did find sugar-free chocolate chips, they were sooo expensive! 😦

So I just decided to make my own.

And turns out, it is SO EASY! I wouldn’t even call this a recipe…

All you do is melt unsweetened chocolate, sweeten it with stevia (or whatever sweetener you like, but I wanted it to be sugar-free), pour it on some parchment or wax paper, pop it the freezer or fridge, and you’re done!

chocolate chunks healthy stevia sugar free

I went a little “rustic” with the chop, but you can certainly make it into perfectly chopped rectangles. 😉

😍🍫 Now, this recipe is for dark chocolate lovers. If you are not a true chocoholic (in other words, you only enjoy milk chocolate), then you may find these dark chocolate chunks too strong for you.

These chocolate chunks are literally 100% cocoa + stevia. Milk chocolate is cocoa plus cocoa butter. I actually hate milk chocolate and only enjoy dark or bittersweet chocolate, so these are perfect for me.

I use my homemade chocolate chunks in soo many recipes: brownies, chocolate chip cookies, or just snack as is!

 Homemade Dark Chocolate Chunks // sugar-free, vegan

2 oz unsweetened chocolate bar
20 drops liquid stevia
Tiny pinch of salt


  • CHOCOLATE: I used 2 oz of Baker’s unsweetened chocolate, which gave me ~1/4 cup chocolate chunks, more or less (I did not measure it lol). Use more chocolate if you want more chunks.
  • SWEETENER: I LOVE bittersweet chocolate, with more preference towards the bitter side. I do not enjoy very sweet things, so when you’re making this, you may want to even use 30-40 drops stevia. If you do not use stevia, you can maybe try sugar or honey, but I’ve never tried other sweeteners before. If you try this with another sweetener, let me know how it goes!

chocolate spreading stevia sugar free

Melt the chocolate in a saucepan on LOW-MEDIUM heat. This will take 2-3 minutes. Keep an eye on it and do not burn the chocolate.Once the chocolate is slightly melt, take it off the heat and let the residual heat melt the rest.

(If you want to be extra cautious and prevent burning chocolate, you can use the double boiler method to melt chocolate, but I find it a waste of bowls and don’t find it necessary. Just keep an eye on it.)

Once it’s melted, pour it on parchment paper. Spread it out however thick or thin you want.

chocolate spreading stevia sugar free

Pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes, or fridge for 20-30 minutes!

Then chop into desires chunks. You can definitely be neater than mine… I’m a “rustic” cook, aka lazy. 😉


And that’s it! Your homemade dark chocolate chunks are ready to be used in your cookies, brownies, or enjoyed as is.

Let me know how it goes! Instagram @vivanttang

xx, vt


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