Music & Movement Monday: top songs for a chill flow

🎶 Music is such a big part of my life that I want to do this thing where on Mondays, I share a list of the current songs I listen listening to for stretching / yoga / dancing / working out.

I’m going to call it #MusicMondays. 🙈 Good idea? No? Too cheesy? Well, if you’re reading this blog, then you’ll just have to accept the fact that the writer is a total cheeseball. 🙋

Pigeon pose vivanttang yoga dance

Probably not every Monday though… and probably not every Music Monday will be on a Monday. Who knows? I can already see this isn’t going to work… 😛

Anyways, on today’s Monday after a long weekend, the only way I survived was through music and stretching. 🎶🙆 In the morning, at noon, and afternoon. So addicted. ❤

Oh and of course chocolate always helps with Monday survival as well. 😉 VEGAN GLUTEN FREE BROWNIES. HNNNGGG words can’t describe how good these are. I’m not vegan / gluten free, but I like making weird healthy shit like this and surprising myself how good weird healthy shit can taste. 🍫

Someone needs to take these away from me. I made these yesterday Sunday, and somehow 3/4 of the pan is already gone missing. 🙊

I’ll make a recipe post for this soon (try to at least 😤).


Music, yoga, food. My 3 loves. ❤

Also, just realized that this post in so similar to my previous one… A pic of yoga, a pic of something chocolate, and a list of music. Sorry…

Below is the list of songs I listened to for today’s flows. Relaxing mix for yoga, stretching, dancing, chillaxing… Yes I did just say chillax. Bringing back the 2000s. 😎

I love having slow songs dispersed with some really upbeat songs to change the pace. For the upbeat songs, I’ll do push-ups or something strength-based to actually get a sweat on instead of just rolling on my yoga mat like a centipede just stretching and stuff, which is what I’d do if I didn’t have music on. 😉

Also some songs from my previous playlist are still on there because I’m still addicted to them. ❤

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson (I’m not joking!!! A little fun at the beginning never hurts right?)
Everything (feat. Mimi Page) – Yinyues
drive – gemineyes (such a good chill song)
Rain – Blackmill
I hate u I love u (ft Olivia O’brien) – Gnash (LOVE.)
Infinity – Niykee Heaton (still obsessed)
Give Me – Mandeh & Velvet
idfc – Blackbear
Embrace (Dusta Remix) – Goldroom
Latch Cover – Daniela Andrade (SO FCKING BEAUTIFUL)

Yup! So hope everyone had a semi-great Monday after break? Hopefully you got your stretchy on. 🙂 What songs are you currently listening to?


xx, vt


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