Trick-or-Treat Chocolate Pumpkin Pancakes 🎃

These pancakes are so good it’s scary. I mean, HOW is it humanly possible for healthy to taste taste THIS damn GOOD?!

CU pancake

Definitely a spell by pancake witchcraftry. 👻

CU pancake2x

Thick and fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes, infused with orange and turmeric, layered and doused in extra dark chocolate. 🍫 ❤

Halloween Pancakes!

While I was stacking pancakes and layering them with chocolate, yogurt, dousing it in melted chocolate…, I couldn’t help but get SO excited watching this dish come alive! Ghost!? 👻

Halloween Pancakes Halloween Pancakes Halloween Pancakes

And when I took a bite of that fluffy stack, I think I died, resurrected, then died again. #deathbypancakes Completely forgot how healthy these pancakes actually are! I was blown away by the flavors of the pumpkin, with the freshness of the orange, and the decadent delicious chocolate… Oh baby.

Halloween Pancakes!

Completely tricked when these are actually made with with oats, coconut flour, flax… Pumpkin, which is full of vitamin A, keeps the pancakes soft and moist. 🎃

Nutritious and wholesome without compromising on that fluffy quintessential pancake texture.

Halloween Pancakes

I had these pancakes before some HIIT training, and I’m pretty sure chocolate is like an amazing pre-workout fuel because I had so much energy. Or it could’ve been the #PSL I had in the back. Either way, the pancakes may taste like a total treat for breakfast, but they will not leave you feeling burned out or sluggish afterwards because they are completely refined sugar free!

Halloween Pancakes

I made these pancakes last Friday, so that I could post them soon before Halloween! But midterms got in the way, so I’m sorry for the delay. I really am. I wished I got the recipe out sooner, but in case it’s not too late, without further ado, here’s the recipe!


Halloween Pancakes vivanttang

Trick or Treat Chocolate Pumpkin Orange Pancakes 🎃
Makes 4 three-inch pancakes (recipe for one, so you can easily double/triple/quadruple it!)

Pancake batter
20 g (3.5 tbsp) oat flour
7.5 g (1 tbsp) coconut flour
2 tsp flaxmeal
1/4 tsp turmeric (for color, optional)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
Pinch salt
Few dashes of cinnamon / nutmeg / pumpkin spice
Zest of a clementine or orange (optional, but recommended)

60 g (1/4 cup) pumpkin puree
90 g (2) egg whites
50 g (3-4 tbsp) liquid (soy or almond milk, brewed chai tea, orange juice, etc.)
1/2 tsp vanilla
10 drops pure stevia (or 1-2 packets granulated stevia, or 2 tsp honey)

Cocoa sauce: 3 tbsp cocoa powder + 3 tbsp milk + stevia
Sugar-free hot chocolate: melted unsweetened chocolate + stevia + pinch salt
Cacao nibs, orange zest, chocolate chips
Clementines / what other fruit goes with this? Let me know!
Orange zest
Yogurt sweetened with honey or stevia (greek yogurt ideal but I used regular ’cause I ran out of greek)

Grease a preheated 325*F pan with coconut oil! And then TURN ON SOME SPOOKY TUNES and MAKE PANCAKES YO. 👻

First mix the dry ingredients with a whisk. Then add the wet ingredients. Fold in. The batter should be thick but pourable. Let it sit for at least 5-10 minutes.

In the meantime, you can melt some chocolate over a stovetop or prep any other toppings/fixings. I used Baker’s unsweetened chocolate and melt it gently over low heat (I am way too lazy to use a double boiler lol), and then I sweeten it with stevia and add salt to bring out the chocolate flavor. When it’s melted, I cover it and keep it warm on the lowest possible heat to keep the chocolate melty and gooey and delicious and makes you just wanna dip errthing in it.

Anyways. By that time, you’re ready to do the pancake routine! You know, pour a little, wait a little. Bubbles form, then flip!

While the pancakes are cooking, I like to prep even more toppings, make the cocoa sauce, yogurt, clean up, etc. By the way, the cocoa sauce is what you see in the middle of the pancakes. It’s literally just cocoa powder + milk + sweetener! The secret is to add the liquid gradually to the cocoa powder, so that it doesn’t clump.

Since it’s Halloween, you might as well make these pancakes look nice, so to make the pancake stack, just take a pancake, layer it with the cocoa sauce, another pancake, yogurt, another pancake, cocoa sauce, and a dollop of yogurt. Top with chocolate chips / cacao nibs / orange zest.

And then… the best part, drizzle on your MELTED CHOCOLATE. Die from food porn. Then resurrect and eat. Then die again.


And check out the amazing nutrition! Good amount of protein, health carbs, and fiber!

For the entire recipe (4 pancakes): 190 kcal; 4f; 24c (7g fiber, 3g sugar); 15p
1 pancake: 63 kcal; 1f; 8c (3g fiber, 1c sugar); 5p


DEFINITELY give these pancakes a try because you deserve a treat! And it’s healthy but tastes indulgent, so you have zero excuses.

Even if you don’t make them for Halloween, this is perfect for then entire fall season, so save this recipe, make it, snap a pic, and share it with me on Instagram! @vivanttang

Have a Healthy and Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃👻


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