Staying Active during Exam Week! 💪😝

Workout Flex

Woohoo!! Midterm week is officially over!!! I’m just glad to have survive, and that fall break and Halloween is just around the corner. 🙂 🍁

It actually wasn’t the midterms I was stressed about but all the other stuff I had to deal with on top of midterms. Papers due on the evening before exams, going to classes while needing to study, and working on thesis + life + blog stuff.

I normally wouldn’t worry about my blog over academics, but since this year’s midterm week is right before Halloween, I’ve been trying to get out all my Halloween recipes and whatnot before then, so that y’all can have some healthy Halloween recipes and workouts! But it’s a task juggling the two. 😪

All the buttload of work led to me sleeping 5 hours a night for this past week… (I try to get at least 7 hours of shut eye haha)

Despite all the mental drainage,  I’ve been surprisingly keeping active. 💪

Thing is, once you find something that you love doing, you’ll #justdoit no matter how tired you are that day. You’ll find doing what you love is what gives you energy even when you feel like you have none.

For example, this past week, immediately after my morning exams, I would go to the gym to destress. 😝 Working out isn’t just my way of taking a break, but it also helps me refocus on the stuff I need to do.  This is probably why the busier my life is, the tougher my workouts are. I just sort of let go and lose myself in the motion! 😅 I find that once I’ve exerted physical energy and got a sweat on, I can then concentrate on academics, work, etc. 🙂

When your life gets jam-packed-busy, how do you destress then refocus? Share your thoughts with me on Instagram @vivanttang! 💕


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