Healthy Halloween Brownies (high protein)

Healthy halloween brownies

Happy National Chocolate Day!! 🍫

Thank goodness chocolate is healthy because I eat it on the daily. That is, dark chocolate of course. 👻 And these brownies are eeeextra dark, kind of like a spooky Halloween midnight.

But there’s nothing actually scary about these brownies. It’s low in sugar, low in fat, low in calories… I mean, perhaps the somewhat scary fact is that it’s SO delicious yet SO healthy.

One generous piece has as much protein as an egg (5g) 🍳 for just 60 calories too. No, I’m not tricking you! 🎃 This really is a healthy treat. 🙂 Which means you can have 2 brownies or 3 or, if you just had leg day like I did today, 4… Can you say CHOCOHOLIC’S DREAM?!

Give me these over sugary Halloween candy any day. I mean, look at the picture. Don’t you just wanna sink your teeth into these thick chocolatey brownies? I’d categorize these brownies fudgy but with a cake-like crumb, if that makes any sense. Important thing is, they’ll leave you so satisfied and happy, you’ll completely forget about those sticky yucky Twixy thingies. 😛

So, in honor of this delicious day, I’m sharing with you my top secret brownie recipe. These brownies are literally THE reason why I never feel deprived of dessert, and I think they’ll help you too! ❤

Like I said, these brownies are thick. Reason being, I used an 8×4 pan to make the 8 pieces, which is why these brownies turned out so thick. But if you don’t have an 8×4 pan, and 8×8 will work perfectly fine and give you normal size / thinner brownies. Or you can double the recipe, use the 8×8 pan for 16 thick brownies too. 🙂

And finally, these are so easy to make! I literally just dump everything in the same bowl, mix, and bake. No need for a bowl for dry ingredients and bowl for wet!

Extra Dark Halloween Protein Brownies

Makes 8 THICK brownies using an 8×4 pan
or 8 normal size brownies using a standard 8×8

2 tbsp coconut flour
4 tbsp (20 g) oat flour
1 tbsp ground flax
3 tbsp chocolate brown rice protein powder (or vanilla brown rice / soy* or whey also works!)
4 tbsp unsweetened dark cocoa powder (I love Hershey’s special dark)
optional: 1 tsp instant coffee powder

1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 baking soda
pinch salt

1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce (or 1/2 cup pumpkin**)
2 (90 g) egg whites (or 1 egg + 1 egg white)
3 tbsp unsweetened almond/soy milk (or any kind of milk)
1-2 dropper’s worth of pure liquid stevia*** (or your choice of sweetener)
1 tsp vanilla
optional: 1 tsp molasses (not required but I like adding it when I remember to.)

Add-in’s! (Yay!):
When I make brownies, I love adding into the batter and on top: cacao nibs, walnuts, and chocolate chips. This time, I kept it simple and just added chocolate chips.

*If you use soy protein powder, you will need to add about 2-3 more tbsp of almond milk because soy absorbs a lot of water! I find that soy protein powder also makes the brownies more fudgy! Which is always a plus in my book.
**To make it even more Halloween appropriate, use pumpkin! Pumpkin also makes your brownies more fudgy. 🙂
***Depending on whether your protein powder is sweetened or not (usually protein powders are sweetened with stevia), you will need to adjust your stevia amount accordingly.

First, prep your pan. I like to grease it with coconut oil and line it with parchment paper.

Preheat the oven to 350*F. Add all the dry ingredients into the bowl, and before you add the wet, mix the dry ingredients well with a whisk. Then, you can dump in all your wet ingredients. Mix until just combined with a spatula. The batter should be a bit thick but still pourable. It should make you want to lick the bowl too. 😉

Also, if you want to add chocolate chips, walnuts, etc., add these in now too.

Bake the brownies for 25 minutes until it passes the toothpick test. Your oven may vary on time!

If making 8 brownies, 1 brownie: 58 kcal; 1.4f; 8.4c (3g fiber, 2.5g sugar); 5(!!)g protein

I absolutely love these brownies, and I think you will too. Give this a try for Halloween, forget all about candy, and feel awesome. Don’t forget to snap a picture and share it with me on Instagram @vivanttang!


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