Dorm Room Chair Workout!

Back to school! Back to college! Back to dorm room life + dorm room workouts.

Even though I live pretty much next to the school’s gym, I’ll be a naysayer and admit that I’m not Princeton gym’s #1 fan. It’s really small, cramped with machines and often people, and it’s just not the best place for jumping around and doing all the crazy kind of things I do just for a sweat.

I’m actually a big fan of dorm workouts, and they’ve been getting me fit since freshman year.

This workout features the beloved dorm room rocking chair, notorious for inducing a fear of sitting down in dorm roomΒ noobs.

So this chair is not the most comfort- (or posture-) friendly, but it certainly makes a great workout equipment.Β Because it rocks back and forth, you have to engage your core when you do an elevated plank on it, so it really works the abs. πŸ˜€

So!!! If you’re college kid reading this right now, take aΒ fitness study break with the equipment right beneath your arse! πŸ˜‰

Funny to think that during my freshmen year, I’d sit on these chairs like I’m about to topple over. And look at me now. A senior using them like a pro, even putting them in my workouts and such.

This workout is from earlier this morning, and it’s the first workout that I’ve done in a week! (Yeah,Β I don’t workout all the time.)Β Last week was theΒ first week of my last year of college, soΒ I wanted to focus getting my zen on.

But — this week, I am soo ready to get back on that workout grind!

And I started with this workout:

Upper Body Core Workout!
8 min WORK, 1 min BREAK. 4 rounds.
Each circuit is 8 min long, and you take a 1 minute break in between circuits.

10 Elevated Chair Tucks + Push Ups (see video!)
1 min Jump Rope Skips
20 TRX rows (I have a homemade TRX in my dorm haha)
10 Burpee + Push Ups

15 Chair dips
40 Mountain Climbers (don’tΒ stick that butt out!)
16Β Crab Toe Touches (google it lol)
10 Burpee + Tuck Jumps

Let me know if you give it a go!

Question of the day: Are you a college student, or was one? What are some creative dorm room workouts that you’ve done? Or if not, what are some creative small-space workouts that you’ve come up with? I’m curious to know! πŸ˜€

For more workouts and some yummy healthy food porn,Β follow me on Instagram. @vivanttang


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