Ab-Burning Balance Workout

Happy Fit Friday! Hope y’all got in a killer workout before a long weekend of fun in the sun. (And for non-Americans, hope y’all got in a workout too ;))

On Friday’s, I normally work my core. But today, I tried some new ab exercises with the balance board. I just played around with it and came up with some moves. They just seem like a lot of fun to do, but since I just made them up, I didn’t know if they were going to be effective or not.

To my surprise, this workout ended up being super tough! I was dripping in sweat just a quarter of the way. (I normally start sweating maybe half-way through a workout haha).

This entire week, my workouts have included the balance board, and I seriously love this piece of equipment.Β While I still like using the bosu ball, I like the balance board more because I think it’s less bulky and easier to use while still providing that unstable surface. It’s the wobble that makes the abs work! My abs were on fire throughout the workout. >:)

However, if you don’t have a balance board, you can easily do this entire circuit without it!Β This workout is hard enough without the board, so you’ll definitely be sweating and your abs will be burning afterwards whether or not you use the board.

Core & StabilityΒ Workout (Conditioning + Cardio Circuit)

Time: 8 minutes ON / 30 seconds REST = 33:30 total workout
Equipment: Balance board, Jump Rope Skips
Level: Middle – Advanced

For each circuit, you want to do it over and over until the time is up. I usually can do the circuit twice within the 8 minutes, but you may be able to do 3 rounds, or just one.

Circuit #1 (8 minutes)
10 Balance Board ElevatedΒ Plank Jacks + Push Up (see video!)
16 Balance Board Side Plank Tucks (see video!)
16Β Balance Board Mountain Climbers (see video!)
10 Half-Burpee + Push Up

— 30 seconds break —

Circuit #2 (8 minutes)
20 Toe-tap Side Crunches
10 Reverse Burpee + Push Up
10 Balance Board-V ups
1 minute Jump Rope Skips (or High knees / tuck jumps if you don’t have a jump rope)

— 30 seconds break —

REPEAT this entire workout ONE MORE TIME. You Can Do It!

It’s a tough one, but I hope you give this workout a go! Your core will definitely be burning afterwards, but that just mean it’s working. πŸ˜‰Β If you do try it out, don’t forget to share your workout with me on Instagram @vivanttang!


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