Homemade Red Mango Froyo!!! // Sugar-free, Fat-free

Homemade sugar free fat free froyo vivian tang RED MANGO HOMEMADE

It’s going to be 99*F all next week.


Yeah 99 flipping degrees. At least it’s not 100…
99*F means I’m going to be craving froyo like all week all day.

But it also means I’m not going outside in this kind of heat just for a froyo craving.
What am I to do then? Make the darn frozen yogurt myself.

Red Red MAngo Vivian Tang

Yup that’s right. Homemade Red Mango.

I mean, quite literally, Red + Mango! 😉

I am not kidding when I say this recipe is super easy to make, and compared to store-bought, you can save quite a bit of money, especially if you just looove piling it up on the toppings.

Red Mango Vivian Tang Red

You basically pour a mixture of yogurts in the ice cream machine and voila, frozen yogurt. If you don’t have an ice cream machine, you can also freeze it directly in a container and stir every couple hours. Of course, the froyo made from ice cream machine is much creamier and smoother, but honestly, I can’t really tell the big difference. I’ve made it both ways and they both really are delicious.


And not to mention nutritious! Sorry to break it to y’all, but most froyo chains are NOT healthy. Sure, they have probiotics from the yogurt, but they’re also laden with refined sugars like high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring, artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.

tl;dr Your Pinkberry ain’t healthy!

Homemade sugar free fat free froyo vivian tang

On the other hand, my sugar-free froyo recipe has just 3 ingredients: yogurt, stevia, and guar gum to keep it from getting icy. It’s made from organic yogurt, 100% sugar-free, low-fat or fat-free (depends on what yogurts you use), and of course, high protein and probiotic-rich.

Homemade sugar free fat free froyo vivian tang

So… why make your own froyo?

1. It’s easy and doesn’t take up too much time.
2. It saves you money. ALL THE TOPPINGS.
3. It is healthy and soooo much healthier than the froyo at the chains.


Now, in this recipe, I use two kinds of yogurt: both greek yogurt and plain yogurt. If you (like me!) enjoy a creamy and dense frozen yogurt that ends up very similar to ice cream but with a tangy yogurt taste, use the 1:1 greek and plain ratio that I use. On the other hand, if you want froyo that is less tangy in taste and is light and airy like the ones Red Mango and other froyo shops make, feel free to play around with the ratio of greek to plain, like a 1:2 greek and plain ratio.

Homemade sugar free fat free froyo vivian tang FroYo

Okay, enough talking, let’s make some froyo before it gets too hot.

Homemade Froyo(!) // sugar-free, fat-free, high-protein
makes ~3 cups yogurt

12 oz plain organic yogurt (*I’ve tested both non-fat and full-fat varieties and both turn out great!)
12 oz nonfat greek yogurt
1 tsp guar gum**
Stevia to taste (I used 12 drops)

You can definitely change the ratio up a bit, as I said above. This recipe also makes quite a bit of froyo, so if you don’t want to make that much, just reduce the total about, keeping the plain-to-greek ratio the same.

*The full-fat plain yogurt makes the froyo a bit more creamy, but honestly, I really can’t tell the difference, so I normally make this 100% fat-free, so that I can compensate and have extra chocolate chips and almonds on my yogurt. 😉
**However, if you don’t have guar gum, as I suspect most people don’t, you are better off using full-fat plain yogurt. Guar gum makes it a bit more creamy and less icy, and without it, fat-free froyo is non as creamy!Before diving into the directions. If you have an ice cream machine, don’t forget to first freeze your ice cream machine a few solid hours before making the froyo, until the compartment is super cold!

Now, here’s what you do, and honestly, it’s so easy.  Mix the yogurts, guar gum, stevia to taste.

Just yogurt by Vivian Tang

Throw it in the ice cream machine (if you don’t have an ice cream machine, keep scrolling to see what to do). Mine took about 20 minutes until this happened:

Beautiful yummy creamy homemade fat-free sugar-free delicious froyo!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am so fcking excited.

Now, you can eat it straight out of the machine for a darn delicious soft-serve, but I like mine a bit more frozen and creamier, so I resist my temptations and put it in a tupperware, and freeze it for a couple hours before serving.

Now if you don’t have an ice cream machine, you can definitely just freeze the above mix in a tupperware and stir the mix every couple of hours. Heads up that this way the froyo will not be as creamy and there will be more ice crystals, but it still is pretty delicious. I’ve tried it both ways!

Fat-free version // 6 oz serving: 88 kcal; 0f, 9.5 c (9.5 g sugar), 12.8p
Full-fat version // 6 oz serving: 110 kcal; 3f, 8c (8g sugar), 12.4p

Healthy FroYo Topping Bar

Prep all of these before serving:

Fruits (my favorite: strawberry, mango for Red Mango / banana / berries…)
Nuts (almonds, coconut flakes, etc.)
Chocolate: cacao nibs, dark chocolate chips
Chocolate magic shell (cocoa powder + coconut oil + stevia)
Peanut butter magic shell (peanut flour + coconut oil + salt)

You can do whatever toppings you like, but to make it “Red Mango,” use chopped fresh strawberries and mangoes. 😉

To Serve


The Flipping Froyo Swirl: If you are a bit nutso like me and literally want to waste your time making your homemade super pretty instead of doing more important things, you can put the finished froyo through a piping bag and literally swirl it into your cup.

…Or you can simply scoop it into a cup with an ice cream scoop. Both ways are awesome! 😉

Homemade sugar free fat free froyo vivian tang

Anyways, I get soo many requests for my homemade froyo recipe on Instagram, so I better see y’all making it! 😉 It’s too easy, healthy, and cheap not to. ❤


Remember to share your homemade froyo with me on Instagram @vivanttang, and let me know: what kind of toppings do you include in your homemade froyo bar?

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