Triple ‘Berry Healthy’ French Toast

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you have already seen my patriotic waffles, patriotic pancakes, so now I have no choice but to complete the ‘Breakfast Trio’ and present to you… Patriotic French Toast!

If you want something low-hassle but just as special as Pancakes or Waffles for the holiday weekend brunch, make this Coconut-Spangled ‘Berry’ Healthy French Toast.

Red White and Blue French Toast

Out of Pancakes and Waffles, French Toast is definitely the easiest to make. Even my dad (who is more of a dinner chef and far from a being a breakfast connoisseur) can whip up a mean batch of french toast. Yet as easy as it is to make, French Toast counts as a “fancy” enough for weekend breakfast.

Everyone has their own version of French Toast. My dad’s version is just bread and eggs. No milk! This is actually the Chinese interpretation of the American interpretation of the French Toast.

 Red White and Blue French Toast Red White and Blue French Toast

Likewise, I like my french toast on the “eggy” side: soft interior with a seared golden exterior. So I don’t like adding too much milk to the custard.

Red White and Blue French Toast

But more importantly, I not only want delicious french toast, I want healthy french toast.

The average American french toast is made with white bread, fried in too much fat, doused in powdered sugar, doused in syrup, and served with a sad portion of sliced fruits. Not so healthy!

Red White and Blue French Toast French Toast Raspberry

Here are 4 simple things I do to make my french toast both healthy and delicious:

  • Obviously, whole grain bread made with real food ingredients and zero preservatives. Lots of breads at the grocery store are marketed as whole grain and “healthy” but are filled with preservatives and hydrogenated oils! Choose a bread that is 100% natural. Also, if you can, find a whole grain bread that doesn’t have a dense texture. This way, the bread absorbs more eggs / custard. My favorite bread is the sprouted whole grain variety. They are a bit dry but perfect for making french toast. I particularly like the ones form Alvarado Street Bakery.
  • Use whole eggs, preferably cage-free! French toast is not good at all when it’s made with only egg whites. The yolk is super nutritious and has healthy fats.
  • Fry in some butter / coconut oil, but don’t over do it. I think the best part of french toast is the golden exterior, so giving it a nice pan fry is a must, but you really don’t need a lot of fat to get that yummy crust.
  • Sweeten with stevia or another natural sweetener and skip the powdered sugar on top. If you must have it, use sparingly! Serve your french toast with healthy and tasty toppings like yogurt, real maple syrup (use sparingly as well), lean breakfast sausages (if going the savory route), and fresh fruits!

That’s it! It’s that simple.

Coconut Red White and Blue French Toast

As for delicious french toast, too much milk will make your french toast soggy! Maybe soggy french toast is your thing, but it’s definitely not mine. 😛

French toast recipes that calls for a ratio of 3 slices bread: 1 egg: 1/3 cup milk is not eggy enough to me, so my ratio is more like 2 slices bread : 1 egg : just a big splash of milk. I sometimes add milk, sometimes don’t. So just take the tips above and make your healthy french toast to your liking!

Red White and Blue French Toast

Berry Healthy French Toast

Serves two, easily doubled!

5 slices whole grain bread (I used sprouted whole grain)
2-3 eggs (depends on size of your eggs)
2-3 tbsp (a big splash) of milk of choice
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
Dash cinnamon (optional)
Pinch salt

Butter, for frying (not optional… ;))

Whisk eggs. Add in rest of ingredients. Heat up pan to medium-high (350*F) and grease with some butter. Soak your bread in the eggs until all soaked. Cook on one side until a beautiful and delicious golden brown, a couple minutes. Flip. Do the same thing.

Done! Serve with healthy toppings. 🙂

Red White and Blue…Berry Healthy Toppings

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries
Greek yogurt sweetened with stevia
Real maple syrup
Coconut flakes

As always, don’t forget to share your creations with me on Instagram @vivanttang. I’d love to see your rendition of these Berry Healthy French Toast! And Happy 4th!! 🙂

Red White and Blue French Toast


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