Basil and Mozzarella Grilled Cheese

Say Cheese because spring is here! 😀


Walking outside without freezing. Eating dinner while it’s not dark yet. Enjoying spring blossoms and food.

Speaking of food, one of my favorite things about this season is the fresh spring herbs! Especially basil. Back home in Texas, my family grows basil in our garden starting springtime, and by summer, the basil plant grows into this gigantic bush. It makes the garden smell amaaazing.

Thing is, it is a lot of basil; almost too much. So I make pesto, add it into pasta, make spa water (!), top it in summer soups and curries, and, of course, put it in a sandwich.

Basil and Mozzarella Grilled Cheese is a sandwich that’s easy and super quick to make. I actually came up with this sandwich when I was in high school back in 2012 (throwback!). That said, I am serisouly craving this right now!!


To make a healthier grilled cheese, this is what I do: Use whole food ingredients.

  • Use 100% whole grain bread that has zero preservatives.

  • Use fresh natural mozzarella cheese (preferably organic, no fake cheese here).

  • Don’t fry it in too much oil. Just a light brush is enough to get that crispy bread.

  • Serve your grilled cheese with vegetables!

I served it with a salad by throwing together: organic baby greens, tomatoes, roasted peppers, pine nuts, and chickpeas to make it more substantial. Dressed it with the basic olive oil + balsamic + s + p (+ chili flakes for heat)!

Also, it would be nice to have a tomato soup to go with this. I didn’t have any at the time I was eating this, but I highly recommend it. You know, for dipping that crusty cheesy sandwich into a bowl of warm and creamy. Yummm…

Basil and Mozzarella Grilled Cheese

For one sandwich:

Whole wheat bread: 2 slices
Fresh mozzarella cheese: 2 thick slices, 1-2 oz (to taste)
Fresh basil: 4-6 leaves (chopped or left whole)
Extra virgin olive oil: for brushing the bread
Salt + pepper (optional)
Red chili flakes (optional, but I like it spicy)

Preheat your grill or skillet to medium heat. Make a sandwich by layering cheese and and basil. You know what to do, right?! 😉 If using spices, add the chili flakes & peppers in the sandwich.

Brush each sides with a little bit of olive oil.
Grill until cheese is ooey gooey & bread is golden brown.

Enjoy immediately while bread is toasty and cheese is melty. 🙂


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    Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! Throwback to when I shared now one of my most popular recipes. Basil Mozzarella Grilled Cheese. Just in time to start using those springtime herbs!


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