Snow Day + Thai Curry Stir-Fry


Last Thursday I woke up to this:

Whitman Princeton University

As expected, Princeton Uni did not give us a snow day. Of course, classes resumed, andΒ the gym was closed! Exact opposite of what I was hoping for. πŸ˜‰

So I did a quick workout in the dorm before class.

Dorm Workout

I’m very lucky to have a single, but it isn’t very big. I had to overcome some slight claustrophobia when I first started exercisingΒ in my dorm. Still, I enjoy working out in my own space sometimes.

30 minutes later, I was dripped in sweat! Dorm workouts can be effective too.

After brekky, it was time to face the cold…


But the snow made it SO worth it. Coming from Texas, I had never seen snow like this before. I almost shed a tear!! :’)


Snow, you can be all right some times. Just not in March. When it’s supposed to be springtime.

Classes always make me so hangry, and after a day of trekking in the snow, I was craving thai curry!
But half-way through prepping, I realized I ran out of coconut milk, so curried tofu stir-fry it was. I added in a bunch of kale+ veggies. Served with steamed jasmine brown rice & beloved kabocha.

Ain’t the prettiest thing I’ve made, but the snowy backdrop made up for it.
And anything with an egg on top is good in my book.

Thai Curry Stir FryΒ SONY DSC

Lately, I’ve been putting my meals on a tea warmer to keepΒ my foodΒ warm. Hehe πŸ™‚



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