Chicken, Kale, Yams

Or, seared chicken breast and purple sweet potato over tenderized kale

These are a few of my favorite things.


Chicken, Kale, Yams.

I’m not big on simple flavors – I love spicy food way too much and am pretty much incapable of eating a savory meal without wanting to douse it in some form of chili’s.

But there are days I just want meat and potato meal.
This is quick and easy to put together + delicious and comforting.

The thing about kale salads is that I find they go incredibly well with hot toppings like hot yams and seared chicken.

So, for the massaged kale salad. My kale variety preference is dinosaur or lacinto kale rather than the curly kale. Give them a wash, destem the leaves, and then roll the leaves up, chopping them into thin shreds and transfer them into a deep bowl..

In goes salt, lemon juice, and a drizzle of either extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil.

Massage the dark tough greens under tender and wilted. The volume of the greens should decrease by at least half.

Season with fresh black pepper.

That’s the base of a kale salad. Simple, but you can also switch it up by adding some honey or other spices. As for me, I like to add some hot chili sauce and sprinkle in a bit of nutritional yeast for flavor. Nutritional yeast, if you never had it before, has a very nutty savory flavor. I really like it. It’s sorta like a vegan parmesan. Kinda.

I let the kale mix site and sear the chicken breast and yams.

Chicken breasts. I like organic. Salt + pepper. Sear in coconut oil on medium-high until cooked.
Purple sweet potatoes. Previously steamed & cooked. Sliced into rounds. Sear both sides also in coconut oil on medium-high.

By the way, coconut oil + yams = FLAVOR PARTY.

To serve. To the plate, in goes the kale. I usually add in some pumpkin seeds on top of the kale. I guess I didn’t this time. Then top the kale with cooked chicken and hot seared yams.

Ready to eat!

And I did proceed to top this with chili-garlic sauce after. Incapable of not eating spicy food…


Kale. Even my pup approves. She’s a bit of a nutter. Sure, she goes crazy for meat, but she also loves eating veggies. Just like her human mama.


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