Why I’ve stopped blogging… I’ve moved!

You may have noticed that my blog has gotten a little quiet over the past couple months, and today I am finally revealing the reason why, and that is… I’ve moved!

Past weeks, I’ve been putting all my blogging time and effort into my ✨ brand new website ✨ that I built completely from scratch.

Ok, I’ll admit I did use a free theme template, but this still wasn’t easy, for me at least! It first took almost a week to fix a bug that prevented me on migrating all my data from this old blog to my new website. I even had to utilize some coding skills, and for reference, I program like a monkey. Then I had to design the website, reformat it, and right now, I’m still in the middle of organizing the new site.

Despite all that, today, I am happy to finally present to you, 👉  viviantang.co, because viviantang.com was taken 😉

Vivian Tang Co ScreenShot

Now, viviantang.co is still sort of “under construction,” and so this is not an official but rather more of a “soft launch.”

That said, I think the website is organized enough to start blogging again and share some awesome content that I have for y’all!

I didn’t want to wait until I had a “perfect” new website because then I would feel so behind on sharing things with y’all! I even missed the 4th of July this year, and I had originally planned on sharing an awesome recipe that will have to wait until next year… Anyways…

The very important thing is, I have a new WEBSITE, so GO CHECK IT OUT! Let me know what you think. 🙂 I’ll be adding a lot of coolio stuff on there soon.

I’m also thinking about doing more YouTube videos! Y’all seem to get a laugh out of my Snapchat videos… lol.



Creamy Yogurt Poppyseed Dressing (Vegan!) and a Pear Pecan Salad

‘Tis the season of salads! Sharing a quick and easy recipe that I came up with just this afternoon for lunch.


I was craving something fruity, found a pear in the fridge (which must have been sitting there since who knows when), and thought that a poppyseed dressing would go great with the pear along with some toasted pecans.

I realize after I made this that this salad has more of an autumn flair, but you can definitely switch up the fruit and use strawberries or even peaches for a more seasonal salad. By the way, peaches and poppyseed dressing go amazing together.


Speaking of combinations, pears + pecans are great, but the star is definitely this poppyseed dressing. It’s creamy and rich without using any added fat and is 100% vegan, which, in my opinion, is great because I try not to mix dairy with green vegetables together.

Although I limit my dairy consumption for environmental and animal reasons, I am not 100% dairy-free. However, I try to avoid eating dairy together with vegetables because research has found that dairy blocks the body’s absorption of vegetable nutrients. It’s not a big deal (I’m not super adamant on avoiding dairy + vegetable), but just trying to share some nutrition tidbits.

Nutrition aside, I also like this dressing just for the little tidbits of poppy seeds in there for that teeny bit of crunch.

Also, did you know poppy seeds are a type of opioid and if you eat enough of it you can get high? Just wanted to point out that I NEVER TRIED THIS before, but now you know. Point is, you might want to go easy on the poppy seeds…


Anyways, enough factoids. On to the dressing itself! All you need for the dressing is really: organic soy yogurt, honey, poppy seeds, salt and pepper to taste. Click below for the full recipe of this salad.

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Crunchy & Refreshing Red Cabbage Slaw


🔥  Too hot to cook? Beat the heat with this crunchy, flavorful, and refreshing red cabbage slaw!

My dorm apartment doesn’t have A/C, and in this heat, it is unbearably hot, which means I’m staying away from the stove. That said, I have a head of red cabbage I need to use up before leaving campus, so I made it into one of my favorite summer dishes: cabbage slaw.

All I do is julienne a whole head of red cabbage and carrots. Then I mix in:

Salt to taste
1-2 tbsp mirin*
1/2 lemon juice
1/2 tsp homemade chili paste**
1/2 tsp sesame oil

Let it sit for at least a couple of hours to marinate.

*If you do not have mirin, you can use rice vinegar or  white vinegar and add a bit of raw sugar or honey to taste!
**If you do not like spicy food, you can omit the chili paste, but I highly recommend adding a bit just for a tiny bit of kick.

Yup, no dairy or mayo in this delicious cole slaw! Just a dash of sesame oil for flavor and texture.

If you’re having a potluck this weekend, this would be an amazing side dish to bring to the table for Memorial Day Cookout or any summer potluck. Enjoy! 😉

🍅 Tomato + 🍳 Egg + 🌱 Spinach! 西红柿炒鸡蛋加菠菜

Try this spin on the classic Tomato and Egg with spinach!

Practically every person from a Chinese household has his or her own version on Tomato and Egg. I shared my healthy take on the recipe in a previous blog post. This time, I’m sharing another version of this dish that I came up with yesterday for lunch.


I had just come back from the gym / am still recovering from a cold / too lazy to cook anything spectacular. I wanted tomato + egg, but I also wanted some leafy greens, so I experimented with the recipe by adding baby spinach.


When I tried the end results, I was thinking why hadn’t come up with this sooner. It was like a PB&J sandwich with strawberry slices added in the middle. Tomato + egg + spinach. The combination just goes together. Before trying this, I would always make tomato + egg + spinach soup, but I never tried spinach with tomato + egg stir fry.


I probably still prefer the classic tomato + egg over the dish with spinach, and I normally pair my tomato + egg with my juicy crunchy stir-fry bok choy (like the photo below ~ my dinner yesterday lol), but whenever I am making tomato + egg and want some leafy greens as well, and additionally do not feel like making a second dish, I’ll definitely be doing this again.


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🍓 Cinnamon Coconut Peanut Cake (vegan & paleo) + Spontaneous trip to NYC

Happy Saturday!


Yesterday evening, I hopped on a train to NYC, walked in the rain to my friend’s apartment, where we cooked and ate a heart-warming tofu curry dinner (all vegan!), and then this morning, we did Soulcycle (my first try!), had brunch at a local cafe, and just meandered around the city.

Now, as I write this, I’m lying in bed completely pooped tired. I cycled/ran/walked over 25,000 steps (10+ miles), which includes this morning’s Soulcycle, walking around the city, sprinting to Penn Station NY fearing I wouldn’t catch the train on time (lol), and then walking more on campus, etc… I’ll write a blog post of today’s Saturday later, but if you want to experience it in “real-time”, check out my Snapchat @vivalatang! You can still see the updates until Sunday morning EST.

Anyways, this blog post is not about today Saturday but April 30th, when, at this time last week, I was in NYC on a boat, or really a yacht haha. And it all started with this Coconut Cinnamon Peanut Cake {grain-free & vegan}!

This is a single-serving cake that is healthy, quick, & easy to make because it is baked in the microwave. It is also grain-free and vegan! For the bulk of the cake, I use coconut flour, flaxseed flour, and peanut flour, and then bind them together simply with unsweetened almond milk. That’s it. Super simple, and better yet, surprisingly filling, full of fiber and protein.

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🌸 Bittersweet spring, Last week of school

Princeton Yoga

🌸  Serendipity.

The word describes the past 9 days of my life, and for someone who is terrible at responding to spontaneity, that is a lot.

Perfect weather, unplanned activities, fun events, great people, challenging workouts, delicious food… Just so many good vibes. ✨  My heart feels whole and happy, yet, at the same time, it feels as if all of this is too good to be true. This is how I felt when I got into Princeton. Like the best things in life, it won’t last forever.

Tomorrow is the beginning to my last week of class, and I’m in total disbelief. 23 years on this planet, and I still haven’t worked out the mechanics of time. It’s as if my years of college life is coming full circle to these last bittersweet moments. As much as I complain about school, about Princeton, about not being with my dog back home in Texas, I’m going to miss this place. A whole fucking lot. On top of that, the past week has been too good to me, making graduation even harder.

Photo Apr 01, 6 42 24 PM

Anyways, without making this post too long and melancholy, I’ll just leave it at that. All I wish for my last week of school is that the good vibes from the past week continue on to the next. Last Monday of college (!), let’s do this. 👊🏼

👟 Two Runs, 🍅 My Tomato + Egg Recipe 🍳, Tuesday Springtime Bliss ☀️

Spring Bliss. Two spontaneous runs, Princeton blooms 🌸, and my post-run-and-walk dinner, Tomato and Egg.

Click below to find out why I ran two times in one day, see pictures of pretty flowers, and get the recipe to my stir-fried garlic bok choy + my “secret” to the sunniest and fluffiest tomato eggs.

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Move it Monday, Motivation, and Monday’s Meatless Recipes

After running and walking a total of 23,000(!) steps yesterday, I thought that I would be totally exhausted the following day Monday. Surprisingly, I woke up this morning brimming with energy and excitement! I think this is because of three reasons:

  1. MOTION BEGETS MOTION. Indeed, Newton’s 1st (or 3rd?) Law states that a body in motion stays in motion. LOL. As if I know a thing about physics. 😉 But seriously, being active is like a domino effect. Once you make exercise a habit, you suddenly start to CRAVE MOVEMENT. Which is what I craved this morning.
  2. I had a chocolate protein “bowl cake” (it was on my snapchat @vivalatang) before going to bed last night, so I woke up feeling fueled, and…
  3. I had a lot to look forward to this Monday!

If you’re looking for ways to keep consistently motivated, one of the many ways I keep motivated is having something to look forward to the night before. For example, yesterday Sunday I didn’t even want to sleep because I had so many things I wanted to work on, and so today I woke up with lots of good vibes in the form of energy and excitement for the day to begin! 🙂 Thus, I decided to get some exercise in first thing, so that I could work on whatever I wanted for the rest of the morning. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I generally start Mondays off (or at least try to) with exercise because I think it sets momentum for the rest of the week. 💪

I generally do not plan what I’m going to do first thing in the morning. Because this exercise is fasted, I just let my body decide on the spot whether I want to stretch, run, walk, or just plain eat. Also, I don’t do any strength training while in a fasted state. Since I woke up brimming with energy today, I decided to go for an impromptu run, which to be honest, is sort of a crazy idea given that my legs were still so tired from yesterday’s 23K steps. However, my mind and the rest of my body (lol) felt like moving and sweating, and so, after foam rolling, I headed to the gym for my Monday morning run!

postcardio 4.18.16

I ended up doing 5 min walk, 2.0 mi run before my legs gave out, 10 min elliptical, and then, my legs got super tired, but I still had so much energy, so I erged (row machine) for 5 minutes. I love using the row machine at the end of my running/elliptical sessions. Erging is really a full-body exercise, but I like to think of it as cardio for my upper body plus some low-impact leg work.

Anyways, cardio this morning just flew by, mostly because before going to the gym, I got a text from my mom showing me pics of the crazy weather she was experiencing back home in Houston, Texas!

Luckily, that isn’t our car, but still the level of flood is scary. The entire city basically had to shut down. Schools closed, offices closed. At least a three-day weekend? I was also mostly just concerned about the poor pups holding in their pee this morning. And the wild rabbits! Hopefully they’re ok. 😦 And hope all my Houston readers are safe and sound as well. #HoustonFlood

On the other hand, Princeton’s weather was absolutely sunny and gorgeous. ☀ For once, the weather up North is actually better than weather back at home! Crazy stuff!

Got back from the gym to my apartment, and I was feeling extra hungry, so I made a big breakfast / early brunch featuring this Turmeric Egg Scramble with Kale and Avocado.

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☀️ Nochella, No Problem. “What I Ate Today” + Healthy Chocolate Toast Recipe 🍫

☀️ Sun’s out + fun’s out = Happy Sunday! 🌸 

This is a yoga selfie that I captured (with a timer cam) last year April, when the flowers were still blooming! This year, the flowers bloomed early and have all already fallen off. 😦 That said, this photo depicts my feelings for this day.

Sunday night, lying in bed writing this post, I feel exhausted yet blissful. I think this is what the end of a fun day should feel like. This weekend was filled with activities and sunshine, and for me it’s been a long time since the weekend has actually felt like the weekend. The struggle was real during #thesislife. Weekends were consumed by just hasty workouts followed by spending the rest of the day frantically writing.

Now that I’m living the PTL (post-thesis life), and the weather’s getting amazingly warm, I finally feel like I can enjoy my Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Before I continue on writing, or rather, you continue on reading, I’m giving a heads up that this post is just going to be me rambling about my day with 3 or 4 random healthy recipes scattered here and there.

I just feel like doing a recap of a beautiful Sunday I had, while, more importantly, take y’all through some of my eats, and, at the same time, share the recipes for them. This is going to be my new way of sharing some casual recipes. I realize that I have so many recipes I want to share with y’all, but everything from the recipe itself to the photo of the recipe has to be “perfected” in order for me to feel good about sharing it.

As a result, I get many recipe requests from people that I never get to because “perfecting” a recipe post takes so much time. Being a college student, time is something I never have enough of! 👉🏼 For that reason, I want to start casually doing these more casual blog posts of some casual eats here and there and share some casual recipes. Casual.

Well, today Sunday was a really active day with lots of activities planned. I wear a MisFit activity tracker almost religiously and am a shameless step-tracking dork, and today, I ended up getting in 23K (23,000) steps!

Sunday morning, I went for a run 3.25 miles, followed by”accidentally” walking 5+ miles by wasting half of my day running back and forth across campus (more on that below…), but I normally average around 10-18K steps, so my legs and my entire body are currently so tired as I’m typing this haha.

I think in general most people start off Sunday as “lazy Sunday,” whereas I normally start off the day with a “Sunday run” first thing. But, today I got out of bed later than usual around 9am (as a result of sleeping late due to neighboring pregames… lol… -_-“), so I decided to save my run for later and start the day with breakfast.


On the menu was Sunshine ☀️ with a side of Chocolate Toast: cocoa spread (recipe below), strawberries, banana, almond butter, cacao nibs, all on sprouted wheat. 🍌🍓🍫🍞  Click below for the recipe!


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